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Haider Yazigi

Haidar Yaziji is the "son of Liwa'a Iskenderun", born in Antakya city 1946, he is well-known as the artist of realism.

He studied at the Plastic Arts Center in "Aleppo “and graduated in 1961 with honors of Master's degree in the Artistic Production of cinema and television movies in 1977.
-He won Master's degree in drawing and oil painting, 1977.
-He attained the Doctorate degree in drawing, directing and preparing the cartoon's films,1981.
-He studied at the Higher Institute of Cinematography about eleven years during which he won three certificates, including cinema , television and plastic arts.
-He worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, besides he supervised the preparation of a group of students to specialize in cartoon films.
-He founded the first department of cartoon films in Syrian TV.
-He was appointed as the director of public relations at the Public Corporation for Radio and Television, 1989 - 2000.
-He participated in the preparation of all national parties, appointed as the director of "al-Mahabba “festival and director of  “First Syrian Song's Festival."
-He prepared and directed a number of television programs and cartoons films.

-He painted two panorama panels about the October War, one is shown in the edifice of the Unknown Soldier and the second in the Military Museum in Damascus.
-He is member of the Supreme Committee of the Collections of Artistic Works in Syria.
-He is the Chief of Plastic Artists in Syria since 2000.
-He is director of the Arab Radio and Television Training Center affiliated to the Arab States Broadcasting Union since 2001.