Groundless pretexts behind US military intervention

 Military intervention has been the prominent  feature of American foreign policy since the end of the World War II. U.S. interference is always masked by fake pretexts, namely humanitarian intervention, establishing democracy or protecting endangered religious or national minorities, while the real  reason has been implementing certain US colonialist projects in various parts of the world.

US excuses are groundless. For instance, many human rights organizations have warned against the deteriorating human rights situation in Saudi Arabia but the US administration did not interfere. The horrible killing of journalist Jamal Khasheggi by Saudi agents in the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul disclosed how far the kingdom would go to silence opposition figures.  Khashoggi’s murder is not a co-incidence.

Rather, it is indicative of a wider theme of suppression in the Gulf that has been going on for years against any form of opposition.

Bahrain, Saudi’s little sister has also a record of atrocious crimes against journalists and intellectuals .

In 2011, Bahraini authorities tortured to death Karim Fakhrawi, the co-founder of the country’s only independent newspaper, al-Wasat. 

Trump’s administration encouraged the dictatorial regime and has given its government  the green light to repress civilians and imprison political and intellectual figures. The US officials also kept silent because the US political and economic interests are guaranteed under Al Khalifa rule.

 In Mozambique, the US turned a deaf ear and a blind eye regarding  former president Mugabe's oppressive acts and gross human rights violations for more than 35 years and ousted him within ten  days when its interests were endangered.

Deeds not words

From the very beginning of the Astana process, all the final communiques issued at the end of each round stressed commitment to Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity, territorial integrity and cooperation until terrorist organizations are totally eradicated. However, Turkey, despite being one of the three guarantor states of the Astana process, has been breaching Astana understandings through training terrorist groups, supporting them and facilitating their movement into Syrian territories.

 The most recent violation of the Astana process took place during the last round of talks recently concluded in the Kazakh capital Nur Sultan. Hours after putting into force the cease-fire agreement in the de-escalation zone in Idleb, terrorist groups fired several rockets from Shahshabou mountain near the Turkish observatory No. 10 toward the Syrian coast claiming one life and injuring three civilians, in addition to causing huge material damage to public and private properties. This means that Turkey is part of the problem and not the solution of the crisis in Syria. Throughout the last eight years, the Turkish regime has been offering unlimited support to the terrorist groups.

Stories of heroism, glory and sacrifice

Syrian people countrywide mark today with great pride the 74th foundation anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army. Over the past seven decades, the Syrian Arab Army has been committed to its noble values and sublime principles, namely defending the homeland and safeguarding its territorial integrity in confrontation of the American Israeli projects which aim at violating Syria's sovereignty dominating its independent decision and ending the axis of resistance as Syria constitutes the heart of this axis.

As we celebrate Army Day, we remember with great pride the Army personnel who sacrificed  their lives for the sake of their people and homeland to maintain the country’s steadfastness and defend its sovereignty in the face of enemies. We also express best wishes of speedy recovery for all the wounded.

The Syrians, on this occasion, recall the great values of martyrdom and the heroic sacrifices of the army and armed forces, and stress their support and standing by the Syrian army till final victory and full eradication of all forms of terrorism are achieved .

As the war on Syria entered its eighth year,  Army Day brings to mind stories of heroism, glory, commitment and sacrifices that the Syrian Army and armed forces have made to defend the independence of their homeland and uproot terrorism from all Syrian territories.

Combatting Terrorism

Despite the fact that the UN Security Council has adopted several resolutions to combat Takfiri terrorism, the world is still suffering from this devastating phenomenon. The reason is that the US and its Western allies have politicized these resolutions to achieve the objectives of their colonialist project in the Middle East region, which aims, among other things, to end the axis of resistance and enable Israel to invade the Arab region politically, economically and culturally.

Settlement will not change Golan's genuine Syrian Arab identity

The most recent episode of the arbitrary and racist practices  taken by the Israeli occupation in the occupied Syrian Golan was  the  “wind turbines”  project which the Israeli entity intends to carry out to steal the lands and usurp them from people of the occupied Golan.

The people of occupied Syrian Golan staged  a general strike in rejection of the Israeli occupation entity’s settlement plan of setting up wind turbines on their agricultural lands in Majdal Shams, Boqatha, Mas’ada, and Ain Qania villages.