The Occupier Can Never Give Another Occupier!

 Mr. Erdogan's unbalanced policies, not to mention his backing and support to terrorism, deem it necessary to wonder whether this politician has already lost every reason in politics or on the way leading to his abject failures, if not catastrophes.

His sword-rattling and illegitimate occupation and threats to invade eastern Syria do contradict his orders to Turkey affiliated terrorist groups in Idlib to unite as to allude to supposedly Sochi understandings!

According to different news sources and analyses, Erdogan wants more from the US in Syria! Two occupiers want to strike deals at the expense of the Syrians and their Syria's integrity and sovereignty. The US-Erdogan so-called ''security mechanisms'' in eastern Syrian is but a flagrant violation of every reason and legitimacy.

 For some, the goal of Turkey is to pressure the US when the US is distracted by domestic politics. It uses Syria every few weeks as leverage because it knows that since the spring of 2018 US President Donald Trump has sought to drawdown US forces in Syria.

This threatens to spark a new crisis. But Ankara went to the UN General Assembly in September and showed a map of its plan to create a “peace corridor” along the border, sending one million refugees into this area and clearing it, redistributing lands, and creating more than 100 new towns. This is a major program for Turkey to redraw the map of Syria.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has dispatched hundreds of more trucks from Iraq to Syria in a week to provide military and logistic support to their Kurdish allies.

The trucks carried resistant ready-mixed concrete blocks off-road vehicles, generators, many fuel tankers and box bodies, which included light and heavy arms, ammunition, signalization and radar equipment.

The convoys entering the region during the week distributed the equipment to various U.S. bases in the region, according to a well informed source.

On Sept. 21, Washington also dispatched 200 truckloads of construction equipment, box bodies, prefabricated houses and tanker trucks to the region.

On Sept. 9, it delivered another 55 trucks of four-wheel drive vehicles, excavators and box bodies to Ayn Isa and Shaddadi regions, while it also dispatched another 60 trucks to the regions in the north and northeastern of Syria, respectively, on Sept. 4.

The U.S. currently has around 2,000 personnel in 18 bases and military locations in Syria.
Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim