Anti-daesh Warriors

The illegitimate and criminal US targeting of anti-daesh (ISIS) warriors and resistance heroes on Baghdad Airport Highway does add more of savagery, criminality and absurdity to the non-stop US recklessness and blatant support to daesh and all other terrorist organizations.

The US flagrantly liquidated  some of the top and best fighters against terrorism in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, if not worldwide! President Trump's, not to mention others' please-do-it, order to assassinate such high ranking  officials from the Axis of Resistance and  of the oppressed backers,  is but a turning point in modern history!

The assassinated heroes are on their geography defending all against terrorism, including the US state terrorism, slaughtering  and blundering. What are the US occupation soldiers and bases, encircling every border of the Resistance Axis, doing other than blundering, exploiting and slaughtering the people and resources of the region and of the entire globe?!

President Bashar Al-Assad denounced the US criminal act as but reaffirming the US  supporting of  terrorism, destabilizing the region and spreading chaos and law of the jungle in the service of Zionist projects and colonialism in the region and the world.

In his 2 cables sent  to Iranian leadership, President Assad hailed Major-General QassemSoleimani, the leader of al-Quds Failaq, who spent his life in the national work and serving his country and the axis of resistance and the right issues of peoples and in combating terrorism and its backers, asserting that martyr Soleimani will remain immortal in the consciences of the Syrian people who will not forget his standing by the Syrian Arab Army in its defense of Syria against terrorism and its backers.

The approach of martyr Soleimani and his companions will increase the determination of the resistant youth to pursue and build on it as to reinforce and immunize the resistance against the enemies of our region.

Indeed, the  martyrdom of these leaders, who have spent their lives in the service of the cause of resistance and the defense of truth and honor, will be a beacon that illuminates the path of whoever walked with them in this approach, and will enhance in the hearts of future generations of honorable men of resistance, wherever they are, the determination to do everything necessary as  to put an end to the aggressive policies that violate peoples' rights and state sovereignty, President Assad reiterated.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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