US support to White Helmets

US announces more support for White Helmets in Syria The Trump administration is doubling down on backing the White Helmets, the self-proclaimed so-called civil defense group with often controversial activity in terrorists-held areas of Syria, pledging a $5 million donation at a conference.

The contribution was announced by US ambassador James Jeffrey ; The White Helmets are but a  part and parcel  of various terrorist  groups working on fabricating fake stories about the ongoing in Syria, creating pretexts for foreign intervention in Syria.

One of the leading members of the White Helmets was killed in a German prison; and the main founder of the White Helmets was killed.  He was actually an officer and worked throughout his career with NATO, in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, and Lebanon, and later he founded the White Helmets in Syria.

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, in a recent press interview Assad Interview with Russia 24 and Rossiya Sevodnya, questioned about   the link between the history of this individual and humanitarian work, which is supposedly the domain of the White Helmets, but you and I both know, that they are part of Al Qaeda.  If we take into account the killing of Bin Laden and recently al-Baghdadi, I believe these individuals were killed because they had important secrets and thus had become a burden; and since their role had expired, it was necessary to get rid of them.

Therefore, if we look at all these stories as parts of one panoramic picture, we cannot believe that they committed suicide or died a natural death.  All these names, and maybe others, were killed because their role had ended and it was necessary to bury their secrets with them.  Why were al-Baghdadi and Bin Laden killed?  Because were they to remain alive, there may have come a time or circumstance where they would have revealed the truth.  Maybe the founder of the White Helmets was writing his memoir and this is not acceptable.  These are all probabilities, but they are very likely probabilities, because the alternative is not convincing for me, added president Assad.

Of course, these are the acts of intelligence agencies, the question is which ones?  In general, when we refer to Western intelligence agencies, including the Turkish and some other intelligence agencies in our region, we know that they are not run by independent states.  Rather, they are branches of the main intelligence agency, the CIA; this is the reality.  They all work under the orders of one master in coordination and in harmony with one another.  So, there is a high probability that the Turkish intelligence carried out the hit under instructions from foreign intelligence agencies.  Once again, these are probabilities, but this is the nature of relations among Western intelligence agencies or those working with them.

Again. it’s very simple to see the same faces of those “angels,” – the White Helmets, – the same faces, the same one in the White Helmets was a fighter with Al-Qaeda.  You can see him.  The images are very clear.  The same one who has been beheading, or cutting heads, and one of them was eating the heart of a soldier.  I mean, this is very common to see on the internet.  I mean no one in this region believe the stunt, the PR stunt of the White Helmets. They are off-shoot of Al-Nusra, stated President Assad to with RT-UK TV Channel, on November 11, 2019.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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