Anti-terrorism Brotherhood

Presidents Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin's recent meeting in Damascus is by all accounts the most shining example of alliance and brotherhood in the fight against extremism and terrorism.

President Putin arrived victoriously  to where his troops, along with the heroic Syrian Army and other allies, including Iran, Hezbollah,  have been waging, on behalf of all the world, a fierce fighting against multi-national terrorists of more than a hundred country, and well-backed and groomed up by many countries, including the USA.

President Assad's warm hugg and welcome  represent the warm welcome of not only Damascus but of every Syrian land liberated and saved from terrorism; the Syrians are never to forget the sacred blood of those who are fighting with them against darkness, terror and ignorance.

President Putin's visit to Russian Forces base and dedications to the sacred places of Islam and Christianity do embody a message of peace in the land of peace and cradle of civilizations. The historic visit of Mr. Putin did contribute to the making of peace and to downgrading the high level of tension and war.


The gap is wide between messengers of peace and cooperation and those war mongers who are only interested in exploiting, plundering resources and slaughtering anti-terrorism legends!

Thanks Mr. Putin for your contributions which made  “the signs of peaceful life visible to the naked eye on the streets of Damascus, for the great progress which has been made on the road to restoring Syria’s statehood and territorial integrity.”

The visit, made possible by the sacred blood of anti-terrorism heroes, including general Soleimani, is but a further boost in coordinating efforts as to eliminate every foreign-backed terrorism and as to preserve security and stability to all Syrian regions in the interest of Syrians and their Syria's unity, independence and sovereignty and rebuilding.

To understand the Russian role, as President Assad outlined in his RAI TV Interview, December 9, 2019, we have to understand the Russian principles.  For Russia, they believe that international law – and international order based on that law – is in the interest of Russia and in the interest of everybody in the world.  So, for them, by supporting Syria they are supporting international law; this is one point.  Secondly, being against the terrorists is in the interest of the Russian people and the rest of the world.

Russia, through the role it’s playing, has the exact opposite vision of the West, which believes that international law is at odds with its interests; Russia believes that international law serves its own interests and also its joint interests with other countries, underscored President Assad.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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