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Erdogan's Evil

Representatives of more than 10 countries are to send representatives for today's summit, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merke, on Libya, in an attempt to end the conflict in Libya caused mainly by the illegitimate and criminal assassination of Colonel Muamar Qaddafi.

Turkey and Qatar, among many other evil doers, are sending money and mercenaries to Libya, as they have been doing against Syrians and their country.

Turkish President Erdogan , is sending some of his affiliated to terrorists from Syria to Libya. There is, according to different news outlets, mounting evidence that Turkey is deploying these terrorists to Libya by using commercial airlines.

In December 2019, media outlets broke the news that Ankara plans to send terrorists to reinforce one of the warring sides there, amid reports that Erdogan is to dispatch regular Turkish troops to Libya.

Erdogan, Despite the international arms embargo, which bans all weapons transfers to Libya (UN Resolution 1973), has been sending abundance of military capabilities to his  supported sides.

Ankara has been supplying infantry fighting vehicles (e.g. Kipri 8×8), unmanned aerial combat vehicles/UCAV (e.g. Bayraktar-2TB), small arms and ammunition for years. Turkey’s “partner-in-crime” and fellow Muslim Brotherhood supporter Qatar provides the bulk of finances, according to T-Intelligence web-sited analysis.

By the time the Turkish Parliament approved the military mission on January 5, 2020, President Erdogan revealed that Turkish troops are already in Libya in a non-combatant capacity and that “other units” will fight on the battlefield. By “other units’, President Erdogan is believed to hint at Syrian terrorists.

In January 2020, The Guardian confirmed the presence of around 2,000 terrorists in Libya and recorded that their numbers are expected to grow to 5,000 over the next weeks. The Guardian’s sources say. The Syrian terrorists will earn $2,000 a month. All terrorists have been promised Turkish passports, medical care and repatriation to Syria in case of death.

The Sultan Murad Division, Suqour al-Sham Brigade, Faylaq al-Sham, Sham Legion and Mutasim Division are the terrorist groups headlining the Libyan deployment. These terrorist groups have spearheaded all of Turkey’s previous offensives in northern Syria.

Evidence of the Turkish “air-bridge” to Libya started to surface on social media in late December 2019. It involves the Turkish Air Force and a few Libyan commercial airliners.

At the beginning, the terrorists are taken from northern Aleppo province to Gaziantep, a major city in southeastern Turkey. From Gaziantep, the Turkish Air Force flies them into Istanbul by the Turkish Air Force, using Airbus Atlas-400M fix-wing cargo aircraft. For example, call signs “ESEN 01”, “ESEN 02”, “ESEN 03” and “ESEN 04” have been regularly spotted between Gaziantepe and Istanbul, since the air bridge reportedly started on December 27, 2019, outlined T-Intelligence analysis.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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