The ill-fated (Deal of the Century) .. American-Israeli plan

Obsession  of the elimination  of the Palestinian issue, has become the main goal of the American administration, which has increased its support and sponsorship of the Zionist entity since Donald Trump took power in the White House. This has happened by supplying  advanced weapons or through political decisions contrary to all international resolutions and laws related to the Palestinian issue such as the American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation  and its declaration regarding  to the occupied Syrian Golan.

The Trump administration also paved the way for deals in the region that served the occupation’s entity, including encouraging normalization between Gulf sheikhdoms and the occupation entity and moving it from secret to public. The most dangerous of these plans is what is known as the “deal of the century” promoted by the American administration as a “peace plan” except that Its contents, which were subsequently revealed, confirm that it is a plan to eliminate the Palestinian issue at the expense of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

The new leaks of the terms of this black deal, published by Israeli media, while Washington intends to publish its "principles" in the coming days. The  most dangerous clauses, most notably the lack of control of the Palestinian Authority on the borders with the occupation and full Israeli control of Jerusalem with only a symbolic Palestinian representation.

Another serious issue included in the American plan according to leaks and affecting millions of Palestinian refugees, is that there is no compensation for refugees with the possibility to absorb only a limited number of them within the occupied territories, which means abolishing the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland, in addition to the Israeli occupation and control over the Jordan Valley and some parts of West Bank.

These dangerous items revealed by the Israeli channel 12 are expected to find angry reactions by the Palestinians. This has prompted the Israeli enemy forces to raise the state of alert in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem and on the borders of the besieged Gaza strip for fear of reactions to this plan that gives the right to those who have no right.

The first official Palestinian reaction was issued by the Palestinian presidency through its spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudeina, who today warned against any American move that violates international legitimacy, stressing that the Palestinian position is clear and steadfast from its rejection of Trump's decisions regarding occupied Jerusalem and everything related to the rejected "deal of the century" completely .

Commenting on what US President Donald Trump said that his administration had spoken briefly with the Palestinians and would talk to them again about the deal, Abu Rudeina affirmed, "There has been no talks neither will there be with the US administration."

The disastrous US deal that the Trump administration has been engaged with since 2017 was not the first American-Israeli plan to eliminate the Palestinian issue since the plot to establish this Zionist entity in 1948.

The Palestinian people who presented convoys of martyrs will not yield to the plans of occupation entity and their American sponsor. Palestinian people will continue the march until achieving their full rights guaranteed by international laws, foremost of which is the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and the return of the refugees to their homeland.

Haifaa Mafalani