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The Syrians’ complete victory over terrorism looming as war on Syria enters its tenth year

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the eruption of a foreign-backed terrorist war on Syria during which the Syrians’ ability and determination to resist this conspiracy was inspired by the sacrifices and legendary steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army in the battle against takfiri terrorists who came from all over the world to fight the secular Syrian state.

In a statement to the local “al-Watan” newspaper published on Sunday, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Soussan has stressed that following nine years of heinous foreign-backed terrorist war on Syria, the Syrians are now proceeding towards complete victory over terrorism after a tireless struggle to maintain the country’s unity, sovereignty and independent national decision.

 He said that the West wanted to implement a well-knitted conspiracy that aimed at changing Syria’s political stances, confiscate the state’s political decision and make certain decisions that serve the interest of the United States and its allies.

“However, from the very beginning of the crisis, the Syrian state and people adopted resistance as the option to confront this conspiracy ,starting from a deep understanding of its goals which have now become clear after all types of war have been waged against the country,” said Soussan.

 He criticized some western countries’ interventionist policy in Syria and the region, stressing that such policies have aggravated extremism.

“They wanted to isolate and demonize the Syrian state, but now after nine years of brutal war, I can confidently say that the Syrians are heading steadily towards complete victory on terrorism,” Soussan asserted.

He made it clear that Syria has confronted the conspiracy through fighting terrorism on its land, enhancing national reconciliation and complying with all sincere efforts to find a way out of the crisis in the country.

Syria dealt positively and effectively with the Geneva process which unfortunately led to nothing because of the intervention of western countries and Syria’s enemies who sought a “regime change” in the country, Soussan said.

Syria also dealt positively with the Astana process which achieved positive results in terms of establishing de-escalation zones and minimizing the terrorist-controlled areas, he added, reaffirming Syria’s complete readiness to cooperate with all sincere efforts to solve the crisis based on respecting Syria’s sovereignty and on non interference in its internal affairs.

He reiterated that any successful political process should be based on a Syrian-Syrian dialogue without foreign intervention.

The senior Syrian diplomat went on to say that the shift in the approaches of some western countries on Syria was due to the failure of their scheme after the victories of the Syrian Arab army in the fight against terrorism, noting that many in the west are considering adopting new approaches on what is going on in Syria.

He added that Syria wants from these western states to adopt a clear stance towards the terrorism that has been hitting the country over the past nine years.

Sousan affirmed that Syria is open to every positive Arab initiative towards it, because the Syrian state seeks good relations with all countries.

On the Kurdish file, Soussan said that “Syria has been an integrated homeland to all the Syrians and it will continue to be. We don’t have any problem in launching dialogue with any party or component if this dialogue is based on maintaining Syria’s unity and independent decision and on respecting Syria’s sovereignty.”

“Those proposing certain agendas that harm Syria’ integrity should realize that they will have no chance in succeeding. Instead, they should join efforts with their fellow citizens in order to confront the dangers and challenges that are still facing Syria,” Soussan clarified, calling on some Kurdish parties not to trust the American promises.

Hamda Mustafa