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Borderless COVID-19

COVID-19 has no borders in the global village of today. It is a threat for humanity everywhere, with no slight distinctions between colors, ethnicity, nationality, or whatsoever human-made racial discriminatory barriers.

In the global village of today all hands should unite as to fight such a pandemic , threatening almost every human, if not other non-human creatures. Unfortunately, the way through which some countries deal with this global threat , especially the USA and its unjustified sanctions, is at least, can be described as non-human.


The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, in a recent statement, underscored that The western stances that target Syria, and of course other countries like Russia, Iran, Venezuela, DPRK, Cuba, violated intentional law.

The statement blasted such countries' stances in supporting terrorism and trying to interfere in the domestic affairs of countries and their flagrant violation of the international human law as they are responsible for the impacts of the unjust war on the lives of the Syrians.

All that requires from the international community to condemn these policies and bring those who are responsible for the crimes they have perpetrated against justice, legality and humanity.

 What is more disgusting is the feign crying and hypocrisy featured by the western colonial discourse about human rights in Syria… this colonialism whose hands are responsible for blood shedding  of the Syrians and are the reason behind their suffering because of the unjust war and sanctions that affect the life of the Syrian citizen,” the statement underlined.

The unilateral cruel and illegal imposed sanctions had limited financial resources and ability to confront coronavirus outbreak.

We should, as humans,  shoulder to shoulder face such a humanitarian disaster, and the world at large should put aside, greed and politics, as to save humanity.

Others should recognize, hopefully by now not later, that sanctions against any country would be badly reflected and catastrophically not only on the people of those under sanctions, but even more on the people of those who impose unjust sanctions in the global sans frontier  village of today.

Together we fail, together we can hand in hand survive. The reckless immoral policies by some countries against others is to backfire as  humanitarian disasters looming ahead!


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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