Yesterday's  U.S. convoy consisted of tens of vehicles that carried both logistic, military equipment, not to mention some smuggled spy equipment.

The occupation convoy made its way to Qamishli countryside, where the U.S. forces have been strengthening their illegal occupation of the Syrian territories in flagrant violations of every international law and legitimacy.

The US occupation forces in Syria pay no heed to the Syrians' protests and unrest and are adamant on enforcing their occupation.!

US occupation forces have been massing up thousands of vehicles loaded with weapons, logistic and military equipment into northern eastern Syria, particularly in and around Syria's   oil fields and resources.

Such a heinous US occupation acts aim to prolong the terrorist war on Syrians, blunder and exploit the Syrian resources. Syrians' patience, wrath and hunger is expectedly not to withstand more of the US cowboy reckless illegality.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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