Today, ( July 12) , the fourteenth anniversary of the aggression launched by the Israeli occupation entity against Lebanon in July of 2006 brings to the minds of the Lebanese and the liberals of the world the victory achieved by the national resistance through which all allegations about the capabilities of this enemy and its superiority were broken as the forces of aggression received harsh lessons from the resistance men.

During the 33-day aggression, the Israeli occupation used its destructive war machine to destroy homes, institutions, public and private installations and infrastructure throughout the Lebanese territories, but the Lebanese national resistance and its people’s heroes  eventually won.

The Israeli brutal war machine attacked and destroyed civil neighborhoods, homes, schools, hospitals, factories, bridges and all the infrastructures.

The Lebanese national resistance fired hundreds or even thousands of rockets as a response to the Israeli barbaric bombardment.

The Lebanese resistance men confronted the Israeli occupation forces and fought with them fiercely , during which the Israeli enemy lost dozens of its tanks, armored vehicles and soldiers and failed to achieve any of its goals.

However, the United States, with the complicity and instigation of some Gulf kingdoms, sheikhdoms, and other countries, pressed the Israeli enemy's government to continue the aggression for additional days until the then-US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was forced to accept the ceasefire after the aggression failed to achieve any of its goals.

The facts of July 2006 aggression are repeated from time to time, even if their form or occasion varies with the continuation of the American Zionist plan, whether in Lebanon or in the region as a whole. So, the option of confrontation and resistance that defeated the Israeli enemy at that time was and will remain the only option to deter and defeat the occupation.

Inas Abdulkareem