Concrete Proof

We didn’t use it; we cannot use it, it’s impossible to be used in our situation for many reasons….when you’re advancing, why would you use chemical weapons?!, underscored President Bashar Al-Assad.

In his recent interview with RAI News 24, His Excellency added that  this is a weapon of mass destruction, you talk about thousands of dead or at least hundreds.  That never happened, never – you only have these videos of staged chemical weapons attacks.  In the recent report that you’ve mentioned, there’s a mismatch between what we saw in the video and what they saw as technicians or as experts.  The amount of chlorine that they’ve been talking about: first of all, chlorine is not a mass destruction material, second, the amount that they found is the same amount that you can have in your house, it exists in many households and used maybe for cleaning and whatever.

That’s what the OPCW organisation did – they faked and falsified the report, just because the Americans wanted them to do so.  So, fortunately, this report proved that everything we said during the last few years, since 2013, is correct.  We were right, they were wrong. This is proof, this is concrete proof regarding this issue. 

According to different media publications, a leaked email dramatically indicated that the UN’s poison gas watchdog had butchered and censored a critical report on an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

A dissenting scientist, employed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) says in a leaked email that investigations on the ground at Douma have produced no hard evidence that the alleged gas attack took place. It appears that these facts were deliberately suppressed in published OPCW reports.

The email makes no attempt to suggest what did happen in Douma. It simply points out that hard evidence, gathered and examined by non-political scientists, does not support the officially endorsed version. And it claims that this resulted in the OPCW redacting the report to the extent that its conclusions were misrepresented.

Coup de grace!

We wonder what the interview contains, for having curbed RAI in transmitting it: perhaps the picture that emerges does not coincide with the poison and falsehoods built for years by Rai? Yes, we are prejudiced and suspicious, because information on the Syrian conflict is one of the most ignoble pages in the history of Italian information. Therefore, many questions are asked on social networks by users following Syrian events, vietatoparlare. It news website wondered.

It is not alien to think that the delay can be explained by the concern that the interview could undermine the official narrative. Now that current events are clarifying the whole truth of the war in Syria….other contradictions may emerge.

In other words: the content of the interview could be detrimental to the credibility of the editorial line held so far. The interview could give the coup de grace to an information that is proving to be increasingly prone to power and that is only good for entertainment and distribution of advertising. Of course it may be that someone from outside has come into play who has asked RAI to let it go, but then what reason is there to pay the RAI fee for information that is defined as objective and that is protected by the Constitution?

Naman Tarcha, a Syrian - professional journalist who has been in Italy for years said when asked: How can a country that does not even have the courage to broadcast an interview, claim to play a serious role in international foreign policy! From Syria to Libya it would be appropriate to make a serious cost-benefit analysis on the errors of European governments especially in Italy to support the crazy policies of our great allies.

Other comments by Italians on facebook pages said that we no longer have decency and morality and we do not serve the good even if we say we are "infinitely humanitarian" is a fact ... but then - in the long run - the hoax will take place: we will be punished anyway by those we respect ...

All the Chinese press agencies have taken up the story of the failure to broadcast the interview with ASSAD on RAI. Ample space also in the Arab media. Most speak of political decision. 

The facts and reality ,as declared by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, which the West has been trying to hide as to continue misleading its public opinion in the interest of the minority exploitations and colonial sinister schemes:

Mainstream media in the West do not talk about the reality on the ground in Syria, ignore any talk about terrorists and their slaughterhouses heinous crimes.

The Syrian Army is advancing and liberating the Syrian territories from the foreign-backed and affiliated to terrorists and even from the Western plots as to prolong the war of terrorists against Syrians to an attrition war.

The US, West and their satellite states, are indeed responsible to the suffering inflicted upon the Syrians, the Western and US sanctions, support to terrorists are responsible for terrorism mushrooming, refugees crisis, and they have to stop meddling in Syria's affairs, to use reason and stop violating international law.

France was one of the main backers of terrorists in Syria, along with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others

The ongoing in Syria has never been a civil war , nor a political one for or against the president; it is indeed the terrorists' war, supported by foreign powers, against Syrians and against their country's integrity , secularity, and sovereignty. It is the war launched by the extremists, terrorist, al-nusra, ISIS and wahabbis' ideologies   and fundamentalists.

Syria's war has been waged in the face of extremism, vandalisms , outlaws and against the terrorists affiliated to foreign intelligence and foreign powers.

True religion is but peace, dialogue and love and not the so-called islamaziation and distortion of religion. Accordingly, the Vatican is warmly invited to play its role as to spread the culture of truth and independence, as to ascertain facts and encourage the West to alleviate the suffering imposed on the Syrian by sanctions, support to terrorism and as to stop pushing its nose in Syria's domestic affairs.

Syria's advanced and free religious institutions, schools, culture, art, intellectuals are an example to be followed as to combat terrorism and extremism.

Russian interests and stances by Syria in her fight against terrorism is to balance the negative US role, in respect for the principles and in commitment  to international law. Russia has been dealing with the reality on the ground, with no compromise on Syria's integrity and sovereignty.

President Assad does support reforms and peoples demands for the better as has been the case in Syria and Lebanon recently, BUT not to allow anybody from outside to manipulate and exploit peoples demands.

None is more careful about their children than their own mothers, and the motherland is the first to care about civilians' life. Such a fatherly care about the Syrians enabled President Assad to liberate the territories and the Syrians, along with allies, cannot win without public support.

We did not use chemicals against our people; why should we use chemicals, which we do not possess, while advancing against the terrorists and their masters!   OPCW  falsifications recent leaks prove but the immorality and politicized work of such an institution as an American arm, and a Western arm to create and spread chaos.

The Syrians, who are collectively the survivors from such a terrorist war,  have their own necessary funds for reconstruction and are ever ready to make business but away from sanctions and foreign interference.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Get Out Occupier

President Erdogan stated yesterday that Turkey's occupation troops will not leave Syria until the people of Syria demand that!

"We will not leave Syria until the people of Syria say, 'Thank you, you may leave now'", Erdogan  said at a rally in Istanbul according to the Sputnik.

What a deception! The people of Syria have never invited Erdogan's occupation troops to their country. All the people of Syria of all Syria's rich mosaic components have been paying a very heavy price and great losses at the hands of terrorist groups affiliated to Erdogan.

Definite Liberation

The Syrian hero Sidqi Al-Maqt's rejection of Israeli occupation  deportation  to Syria instead of setting him free from its notorious prisons and detention camps to his own family and part of Syria, majdal Shams, is another lesson of solidarity, steadfastness and resistance.

It is but as H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, stated in a message to the hero Al-Maqt: a demonstration of unwavering struggle by a national hero brought and grown up mingled with pride, honor and dignity

The sovereign integrated homeland lives in your heart, all and every part of Syria, which is proud of your rejection of conditional release under occupations terms, underscored President Assad. You once more have preferred the agonies of detention to non-complete freedom and that glory is never to be gained through half-solutions but by dignity, pride and steadfastness in the face of aggressors.

Erdogan's atrocious crimes aim to create demographic change

Since the beginning of its treacherous offensive on the Syrian territories on Oct. 9th, the ill intention of Erdogan's regime was very clear, namely making a demographic change  in the areas it occupied. Turkey and its mercenaries from the terrorist groups are working to create a vast demographic change in the occupied areas.

This sinister objective have led Erdogan and his sponsored terrorists to  commit wide-scale war crimes, in addition to causing a humanitarian crisis combined with renewed fighting which could accelerate the return of Daesh and other terrorist organizations.