Defending People against Terrorism

President Bashar Al-Assad's answers in his recent interview with Paris Match regarding the ongoing internationally backed war of terrorism against Syrians represent further more facts, details and realities about Syria and its allies' fierce fight against super powers spread and support for terrorism.

When ISIS attacked the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor, the Americans bombed the Syrian Army instead of ISIS, outlined President Assad, asserting that such powers, when the Syrian Army was advancing in the fight against terrorism and they were looking for a pretext to strike at it, and that’s what happened. You cannot cooperate in the fight against terrorism with those who are supporting terrorism, declared President Assad.

Erdogan and the Ottoman Dream

By: Dr. Anas al-Raheb

After the end of World War I and the defeat of the Ottoman Sultanate by the allies, the Paris Peace Conference was held in 1919 to  discuss distributing the gains of the war, to impose the principles of peace on the defeated powers and draw the new boundaries of the Ottoman Sultanate which had occupied wide areas of lands in the Arab and European regions.

Responding to the Paris Conference, the Ottoman Parliament convened on January 12th 1920. Following several debates on the future of the Turks, the parliament announced on January 28th of the same year the so-called "Misak Milli" (Charter or constitution) that consisted of six principles. Among these principles was one that said that the future of the occupied areas inhabited by an Arab majority at the time of the signing of the Armistice of Mudros will be determined by a referendum. On the other hand, the areas which were not occupied at that time and were inhabited by a Turkish Moslem majority are the homeland of the Turkish nation.

Trump's new gift to Netanyahu

From the very beginning of his term, US President Donald Trump has been offering gifts to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The list of gifts started with the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, then moving the US embassy to it. After that, Trump recognized Israel's illegitimate annexation of the occupied Golan. The most recent gift was legalizing the Israeli settlement activities in the occupied Arab territories. Last Monday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that his administration does not consider that the Israeli settlements are contrary to the international law, disregarding all international resolutions, especially the UN Security Council resolution No. 2334 of 2016, which demands the occupation authorities to immediately stop all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Company CEO

The Syrians are to unite as to compel Americans to leave, and they would not be able to stay, neither for oil nor for anything else, asserting that the American presence in Syria will generate a military resistance which will exact losses among the Americans, and consequently force them to leave as America cannot believe that it will live comfortably in any area it occupies, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

In a recent interview with Russia 24 and Rossiya Sevodnya, President Assad cited the Iraq experience as is still fresh in the minds of Americans and the result, for them, was unexpected, asserting that the American occupation of some parts in Syria will generate a military resistance which will exact losses among the Americans, and consequently force them to leave. 

Necessity for World Balance

There is no doubt that Russia’s involvement in the ongoing fight against terrorism in Syria has many positive aspects… underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

In his recent interview with Russia 24 and Rossita Sevodnya, President Assad outlined that Russia is a superpower and has international duties and responsibilities.  These responsibilities serve the world and also, Russia and the Russian people. 

Russia has the choice of either playing the role of a superpower, or withdrawing into itself and becoming a very ordinary state, which would not be good for the world.