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The Syrian People : The Decision-Makers

 Syrian people is  a word which was strongly repeated by H.E. President Bashar al-Assad in a recent interview with the Syrian TV news.

H.E.  appears relaxed and confident of victory, saying that Syria's continued resilience stems from the steadfastness of the Syrian people, pointing out to the important role the Syrians play to keep Syria victorious.

His Excellency used intensively the "Syrian people"  word, since the later is the compass and the permanent concern to him since he was elected as the president of the Syrian State.

But today the "Syrian people " word in this historic moment is important for  what it has of political implications such as; the strict coherence of what the Syrian people want for the future of  homeland, this is from one side and from the other side, the word "Syrian people" includes an explicit and tough response to those who want  the Syrian people to represent their  will and not to derive their strength from the anti-Syrian forces to achieve their goals at the expense of the faithful Syrian people, freedom, dignity and national sovereignty.

The President reinforced tranquility in the hearts of the sons of the nation and H.E. also underscored that the growing conviction is that the most dangerous days on Syria passed, thanks to the sacrifices of the people and the Syrian Arab army who do not hesitate for a moment to defend Syria.

H.E.  outlined  red lines to anyone who wants a bright future for Syria, pointing out to the Syrian people' steadfastness by deciding the future of Syria and choosing the form of government in the new Syria and no one has the right except the Syrian people.

Syria lingers from north to south and from east to west, Syria is in the last chapter of the great victory against who imposes the aggressive choices upon it whether from home or abroad.

The President's interview came at a critical  time to be characterized by strong, open and transparent positions on both internal and external levels.


Muslims are evil. Let’s kill them all!

Later on he said he was being sarcastic. That was Erik Rush, a conservative columnist and frequent guest on Fox news and he made that statement in reaction to the Boston bombing. Quickly apportioning blame on the Muslims before the investigation into the bombing was even underway, Mr. Rush spoke what some people in the US and Europe were undoubtedly thinking. Islam viewed as radical, fanatical and extreme by many in the western world has been under harsh censorship ever since Sept 11. Any bombing , assassination or indeed violent act is immediately attributed to Muslims. Fear of a Muslim takeover of Europe and other such wild stories that have abounded prove that some people are more focused on hearing false alarm bells than on accepting the facts. Take the case of the Boston bombing no sooner did it happen than a Saudi present at the scene was “ accused ‘’. Even though that Saudi was hurt and in hospital, like many others – that didn’t stop the police from searching his apartment inside out – the question is why did this Saudi merit different treatment- was it the color of his skin, or was it because the word “ Allah ‘’ was used by him in his hour of fear and need?

   In the past, there was hatred for the Jews with horrific consequences. It seems that the Muslims now have taken their place – would Mr. Rush have made a similar statement about the Jews – would the world not have immediately screamed racism, anti- Semitism , bigotry and what have you. Wouldn’t the influential and wealthy Jews of America not have taken him to court ? But no need for all these questions since Mr. Rush to begin with would never dare make a statement like that about the Jews – about the Muslims yes- after all not many will rush to the defense of Muslims.

But having said all of this did the Muslims themselves not contribute indirectly in a very small way to all of this – did they not isolate themselves in Muslim enclaves in Europe, where for the most they were unwilling to integrate with society and were therefore treated as outcasts which in turn further distanced them from the societies they lived in. And today don’t a lot of Jihadists come from Europe to fight and kill on Syrian soil. For a fight that is not theirs and a cause that they cannot fathom. Was Islam the religion not abused and were these naïve Muslims not told that the war in Syria is between the God fearing and the Godless. Take the case of Dr. Khan a medical graduate of kings College London- British but of Indian Muslim origin. Dr. Khan, married and with child, smuggled himself into northern Syria to help in a fight far removed from himself, his country or his culture. He chose on religious and unfortunately sectarian ground. He never thought of entering the country legally and joining  the Syrian Red Crescent a neutral organization which helps all parties involved in the conflict , an organization which undoubtedly would have been happy to rely on his services in his field of medical expertise- instead Dr. Khan opted to help only a certain group of people urged to do so not by humanitarian reasons but by religious reasons .

 It is time for some of the fanatical Muslims of the world to reconcile themselves to living within their societies and accepting the other- then the west would not have an excuse to group all Muslims under one heading and horrific statements like those made by Mr. Rush and indeed many others would find no place in our society and such individuals would be shunned and rejected.


Reem Haddad

The West and the Challenge of Principles

The Syrian crisis constituted an unprecedented challenge for international forces at the  humanitarian and moral levels, in addressing  questions pertinent  to ethics and principles and what was allegedly   and falsely  called the war on terrorism, which is a lie  that deceptively hides a political Machiavellism  par excellence, where  interests exceed principles.

If it comes  true that countries are not charities, it does not mean  that we are in a world  whose only hidden power is money and the law of the jungle where the strong eats the  weak. This would mean  the absence of the human dimension from the surface of the globe, a slow  suicide for mankind and the end of human history, as debated by the American thinker Francis Fukuyama.

A group of French writers , classified in the category of cultural reactionaries , with Pascal Bronso on top of them warned  a decade ago from a cultural Pentagon that  started to move politically and militarily, more than ever before , viewing  people outside the transatlantic as growths worms that  must be eradicated and disposed  because they are unnecessary or unneeded objects and that the barbarism of those people  - as he claimed – makes  the West feels its civilization and their illness makes the West feels in good health .

 Perhaps danger lies in that  what those (Reactionaries) had warned  against becomes a reality and a policy expressed in strategies and attitudes embodied in arenas of confrontation and conflict.

So it is  inevitable for men of culture and media  in our third or fourth world , in  our research  and study centers , mosques  and churches to carry out a public relations campaign and  real and effective contacts with their counterparts in Western countries and only invest in the spiritual and cultural humanitarian legacy formed in the collective  European conscience .

Civilization  disparity between the East and the West must not turn into a moral and humane distancing tool because the resulting  reflexive reaction  will inevitably take a violent shape,  fugitive from all disciplines, especially because we live in a world of no geographical boundaries under  the globalization of the media , the open  and virtual space and the ability to use  all forms of malware  technology with an extraordinary ability to evade criminal liability arising there from.


Dr. Khalaf al-Muftah

Edited & Translated T. Fateh

Occupation Main Beneficiary

Noam Chomsky ,an  American philosopher and researcher , expressed US policy towards Syria in few words:" Make Syrians fight each others for a long time," This is the  real policy  of  the US Administration after the second World War to control the world.

Hence, the ugly face of all parties participated in the crisis in Syria became more obvious through political and military escalation.

With this in mind, Erdogan's  government has strongly contributed in supporting  terrorists logistically and facilitating their entering to Syria  , because the aim of this global conspiracy against Syria  is not only to  topple the Syrian government, but also to destroy and divide Syria.

However, interests have been  interlocked with contradictions in Syria's two-year long crisis, because Israel  is the main beneficiary of weakening the important role of Syria in the region. This was obvious in  Herzliya conference held recently in Israel.

Asking for forming an American-Zionist-European axis which includes countries of the Middle East and Arab region  is but to give  Israel an active role in drawing the future of the region as all.

In other words, the increasing of escalation and bloodshed of Syrians  under the pretext of democracy and the so-called Arab spring, is just to make a new soggy-Zion.


Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Edited and translated by: Maysa Wassouf 

Allahu Akbar!

‘’God is Great ‘’ the oft repeated words that one can hear everywhere in the Muslim world. They are an intrinsic part of the Islamic culture- said during prayer and chanted from off the rooftops of minarets. The words are used to celebrate the greatness and goodness of god. They are used to indicate a kind deed or good fortune. And for those Muslims not living in the Muslim world listening to them is like coming back home. They offer a sense of security , peace and yes happiness. But all that was in the past!

 Allahu Akbar has within the past two years in Syria taken a different –unfortunately contradictory- meaning. For it has been abused and the name of Allah taken in vain time and time again. It is almost blood curdling to hear it now for it often heralds news of a death , an explosion , a murder or an execution. Usually shouted by heavily bearded men with fanatical eyes just before committing an atrocity . A completely alien image to the Syria most Syrians know!

 A lot of them are unknown militants coming from many different groups each with their own plans and agendas ! But what they all have in common is their abuse of religion to promote whatever action they undertake. Choosing poor and uneducated societies to inhabit they grow in popularity , telling people how to think and what to dress in. Such societies are fertile ground for extreme Islamists. They are societies rife with corruption and brutality where execution of the kidnapped  is based on his/her sect or the place of work. Sharia courts are common procedure there where sentencing is passed and implemented immediately.

 A lot of these fundamentalists pre dominantly come from the country side ( as in Aleppo ) which further alienates them from the urban dwellers of the city who had always lived in peace and relative economic comfort with almost no interference from the government.

 It is very difficult to pinpoint who these groups belong to. They are not all Jubhat Al Nusra. A lot of them belong to similar groups financed and armed by different countries. For instance Saudi will finance and arm the insurgents in Daraa . Jordan will train them . Qatar will finance those in Idlib. Turkey will provide the logistics ( Aleppo being the biggest recipient ). Britain and France pretend to only want to finance and arm the opposition and not the extremists. All in all it is chaos which often leads to mayhem.

This is also a direct result of an unrecognizable opposition- One that is hampered by infighting and a lack of structure and deeply infiltrated by foreign fighter and terrorist groups.

 And all these groups and what is happening in Syria will give Islam a bad name for a long time and will set back Syrians who are proud and happy to be Muslims – to be part of a religion where even the basic greeting is an invitation to peace . A Religion where negotiation is accredited and where its role is to facilitate the lives of its followers rather than to make difficulties . It will take a long time for Syrians to forgive what is being done in Syria to Islam, equating that heavenly religion with terrorism, fanaticism and hatred .

Reem Haddad