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Investing potentials to curb open war

By:Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

Syria and Iran have recently signed memorandum of understanding on economic cooperation and construction of power plant.

The said agreement includes a number of items.Most importantly,the USD 1 bln credit facilitation signed between the Commercial Bank of Syria and the Iranian Export Development Bank.

Undoubtedly, the agreement will boost and cement ties of cooperation ,strategic partnership and available potentials in Syria and Iran only to confront the open war that targeting the two friendly peoples .

Needless to say that Syria and Iran are the cornerstone of resistance in the region.Hence,the agreement will definitely bolster their steadfastness against vicious schemes.

Furthermore,other important contracts on power energy have been signed  with the Iranian side during the premier ,the ministerial and technical accompanying delegation's visit to Tehran.

These agreements are but a firm stance by the Iranian side to consolidate Syria's steadfastness against terrorism and the blatant siege imposed on Syria by the aggression forces.

The premier's successful visit will upgrade the already continuous partnership –with all its forms-between the two brotherly countries in the benefit of the two peoples.

This(visit)will help surpass the ongoing crisis in Syria , restoring security and stability and meeting the citizen steadfastness and living standard's requirements only Syria to come out victorious as ever.

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Obama, I just want to remind you




More than 1,000 Americans have been killed in gun-related violence since last month’s elementary school shooting carnage in Connecticut that killed 20 young pupils and six staff members, new data show.

According to the new data, collected through an interactive project conducted by, the tally of those killed in gun violence across the US since the Connecticut massacre has surpassed the 1,000 mark, showing that as of 5 a.m. GMT on January 18, the figure has reached 1013.

Obama I just want to remind you, Two weeks before the start of your second term, the British daily, The Guardian, noted that "U.S. use of drones has soared during your time in office, with the White House authorizing attacks in at least four countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. It is estimated that the CIA and the U.S. military have undertaken more than 300 drone strikes and killed about 2,500 people."

The newspaper reported that a former member of Obama's "counter-terrorism group" during the 2008 campaign, Michael Boyle, says the White House is now understating the number of civilian deaths due to the drone strikes, with loosened standards for when and where to attack: "The consequences can be seen in the targeting of mosques or funeral processions that kill non-combatants and tear at the social fabric of the regions where they occur. No one really knows the number of deaths caused by drones in these distant, sometimes ungoverned, lands."Do you remember?

 And why, in Syria, is the United States of America recognizing terrorists? Does President Obama not know that the "legitimate representative" he supports has been responsible for the murder of thousands of people? Does President Obama not know that his "legitimate representative" has committed unspeakable and demonic acts of torture, kidnapping, summary executions and sodomy? Does President Obama not know that his "legitimate representative" attacked a school recently with military hardware? And now Aleppo university. The world cries over children killed in a school in the US, yet there is no mention in the western media about the students killed in Syria when a US backed car bomb attacked a university. killing more than 80 people, and 170 received injuries of varying severity.

Does the west think that Syrian children are unworthy of getting any acknowledgement or sympathy, except from Russia and Iran.

 Your country is supporting such dangerous groups as Al-Qaeda to destabilize Syria and fight the Syrian Army at the expense of the lives of innocent Syrian citizens whose only crime is supporting their government..

The Syrians send their condolences to the bereaved families of the victims over the mass murder of their beloved school children and others, and voice deep regret over the shooting incident in the US.

But we call on the US society to be part of the movement against warmongering and massacre of innocent people by gunmen in terrorist attacks in different parts of the world.

It is indeed as Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast stated earlier "as far as humanity is concerned, there is no difference between the children and teenagers who are victimized by armed attacks in Gaza and the US, Afghanistan or Pakistan and Iraq or Syria, and everyone should try to ensure overall peace, security and tranquility for all the people around the world."





Faithful Translation to Our Convictions




Attacking thermal Mharda station in Hama, stealing a quantity of crude oil from Al Kahhar wells in the countryside of Deir al-Zour, burning it and preventing firefighters from putting out the fire, attacking Al Baath Dam in Al Raqqa city, bombing a car  at Barzeh station for fuel in Damascus that killed innocents, targeting  citizens’ lives, electricity stations, water and oil resources are samples of terrorist acts you do not need to explain or interpret the motives and goals that stand behind them, and are in favor of the enemies of Syria and destroy the lives of citizens directly.

Who follows these details and other daily news can see the continuous work exerted by the government to offer services and necessary materials to facilitate the citizens' lives during the crisis.The destructive, aggressive, acts offer a valuable service to the Zionist enemy.

Audio-visual news show the government’s determination to contain the effects of the crisis and ease its pressure on citizens, provide relief work and care for families affected by terrorism, monitor chronic diseases and follow-up treatment of patients in temporary shelters.

It is logical to say that it is no longer difficult, not only to the concerned observer, but also on the ordinary citizen, to compare and differentiate and judge this work and that act.

We don’t ask anyone to give an opinion or an impression, except to the extent he sees and feels every day and refers clearly to both scales of the scene to reach the conviction and build on it his role and position.

The government’s continued work and shouldering responsibilities towards the citizens through its economic and service establishments and the working to fix what the subversive elements have destroyed, is more than necessary, but equally it is everyone's responsibility as individuals and citizens, social, civil and intellectual institutions.

The role of the elite to perform their duty is also needed and to identify its components to be also a partner in the defense of his convictions and his role.


We are certain that the government and its institutions have determined to contain the effects of the crisis and exert all efforts and potentials to ensure requirements of the people's living.

What we need at this stage is a conviction equivalent to a role that integrates with and an activity that intersects in a lot of responsibilities placed on all of us to achieve major objectives that the crisis imposed its priorities and the resulting to be all true to translate the conviction that the broader spectrum of Syrians share, especially with the exposure more of the facts and the roles!!

Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Translated by: SH  Kh.




Biased reports lacking accuracy and objectivity




The double-standard policy has been one of the salient features of the UN organization and its affiliated bodies. The reason is simply because of the US domination of these bodies which made them lose their credibility, especially during the past few years.

The UN High Commission for Human Rights has been insisting on issuing politicized reports about the situation in Syria that lack accuracy, objectivity and neutrality. These reports do not reflect the reality of events and are biased towards the killers of the Syrian people and the external forces supporting them.

The recent UNHCR’s report depended on biased media sources and ignored all the letters sent by the Syrian government which were full of documents that clearly exposed the terrorist acts carried out by the armed terrorist groups against Syrian people and their public and private properties.

The Commission turned a blind eye to the main factor of the Syrian people’s suffering represented by the states that have been working to aggravate the crisis through funding, arming, training and smuggling Takfiri terrorists from al-Qaeda organization to kill the Syrians and destabilize their country.

 The report lacks professionalism and neutrality because it depended on one side without verifying validity of the information included. Moreover, the Commission depended on information provided by countries which are behind the crisis in Syria and have been exerting utmost efforts to fuel the situation in Syria to attain private gains at the expense of the Syrian people's blood.

An important question to be raised is why the commission ignored talking about the role of the countries which are funding, arming and training gunmen and providing them with intelligence, media and political cover, and hindering national dialogue and the political solution to the crisis.

As was the case with the previous reports, the Commission's reference for what the armed terrorist groups are committing is bashful and faraway from the reality of events on the ground.  These groups continue to perpetrate sabotage acts, terrify people and destroy their properties.

The report did not touch upon the sabotage acts and destruction of the infrastructure, especially oil and gas stations and stealing public and private companies and factories and smuggling their contents to neighboring countries to destroy the national industry which scored remarkable development before the beginning of the crisis.

The armed groups also stole stores of the medicines which the government obtained and secured to citizens in cheap prices. The armed group sold medicine to neighboring countries or spoiled it to deprive Syrian people of it.

The Commission did not mention any word about the terrorist groups’ stealing of basic food materials such as grain and smuggling them to some neighboring countries, spoiling agricultural crops to starve the Syrian people.

The report turned a deaf ear to the takfirist fatwas launched by some persons outside Syria regarding killing, raping, torture, robbery, kidnapping and aggression on the components of the Syrian society.

In short, the Commission's report has demonstrated once again its lack of professionalism and neutrality, and that its findings go in line with the political views of certain countries that have been working to impede any serious attempt to solve the crisis in Syria peacefully through dialogue.





International Relations, Towards Understanding not Costly Collision

As the New Year begins, international relations seem to be proceeding towards agreement and understanding not collision and costly confrontation. Therefore, the foreign backed parties, who seek the militarization of international relations for some political purposes are to find themselves out of the entire equation, because any of the parties concerned can’t afford the human, economic and political consequences of such an adventure.

Those immature politicians must realize the fact that they can’t ignore or surpass the political power of some states and have to keep in mind that powerful countries don’t design their politics or draw their global strategies to suit or embody the aspirations of a certain political group, however loyal this group is to their foreign agenda. They also must know that political statements and announced stances made by the officials of these powerful countries on sensitive issues, which influence international and regional security and peace, is something and implementing these stances on ground is something else. Here, the balance of gains and losses at the national level is the basis of adopting options.

 The ongoing crisis in Syria is complicated that any of the concerned elements can't claim ability to adopt a final decisive option for its interest, except the local element when it blocks all attempts of foreign forces' intervention.

In an objective reading to the military and social facts on ground, supported by a national political will, we can conclude that the crisis in Syria is heading towards a political not a military solution which is based on direct foreign intervention.

Hence, the essence of Geneva Statement and Kofi Annan’s Six-Point Plan in addition to some positive initiatives, that can be prepared and carried out by the UN Syria Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, have become the suitable ground to attain a political solution to the crisis based on dialogue.

All parties have realized that the Syrian national leadership don’t accept any solutions under political and media pressure or under economic siege and military force, because this leadership is confident that it has got plenty of strength points as to confront its political regional and international enemies and has got friends and allies who support it at regional and international arenas. This must make Syria's enemies, who target its sovereignty, unity and people to reconsider their policies, check the balance of gains and losses and re-read the situation carefully as it is, not as they want or imagine it to be, since there is a wide gap between reality and imagination. 

Dr. Khalaf al-Miftah

Translated by H. Mustafa