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The West and the Culture of Hatred




Despite all "Dialogue of Civilizations" forums held worldwide with the purpose of bridging gaps between peoples of the world and combating all types of extremism and racism, and despite the big role played by the media to promote the principles of amity, tolerance and cooperation, Western media reports and publications intended to give the impression that these forums were nothing but a kind of talk and reality on the ground was the opposite. The talk about tolerance seemed to be circulated only among the elite without even reaching to public opinion circles or decision makers so as a new base for violence and hatred-free world is built.

Examples of the West's false calls for tolerance are so many, but here two stories proving Westerners' hypocrisy. Once, the US media reported bad news about an American citizen of a Syrian origin being arrested with an alleged "charge" of saving some people and animals from drowning amid the hurricane which hit the American coasts in 2005. News reports from America that time, pointed out that the peoples of the hurricane-hit areas, including those saved by Abdul Rahman Zaytoun, the US citizen of Syrian origin, had decided to celebrate the man by building him a statue to be a model of tolerance, humanitarian deed and sacrifice. But, all of a sudden, the man became wanted and he was later arrested by the FBI and led to solitary confinement with the pre-made charge of being an al-Qaeda member. Of course, the FBI's alleged "evidence" was that he was a Muslim of an Arab origin and that he didn't provide help out of humanitarian motives but to propagate Islam and al-Qaeda mentality.

This incident brings to the minds another story, this time of a Pakistani with a US citizenship. The man, who lived in New York, saw a dog attacking a child in a garden, so he hurried to save the kid.  A person, who then introduced himself as a journalist, suddenly approached him and asked him about his name in order to prepare an article about the incident and publish it in his New York-based newspaper, but the man refused. The journalist told the man: "Well, I will write that a New Yorker saved a child from a mad dog with your picture beside." The man said: "I'm not an American, I'm a Pakistani. Next day, the shock was that the newspaper headlined the article as follows: " A Pakistani attacks a dog in a New York garden and the FBI suspects he belongs to al-Qaeda."

These two examples are true evidence of the West's deeply rooted hostility to the Arabs and Muslims, particularly in the United States. This leads to key questions; what kind of relationship will be established between the West and the East in the new millennium? Will it be that of conflict or that of cooperation? Will it be that of civilizations conflict or that of a cultural race based on cooperation and harmony among human beings? Many questions like these need to be answered by intellectuals and politicians.


Dr. Khalaf al-Moftah




Knowing More about the American Elections




The U.S. presidential elections are gaining special importance , thanks to America 's position  on the international political map, being the largest military and economic  power in the world . It is, perhaps, the only country that announces its political strategy under the title: "how can we proceed in leading the world."  

The essence of competition among the contestants to get to the White House from both parties reflects this fact that others like to talk about, even in the two  American political  and media speeches,  apart from saying that , this strategy constitutes the permanent  subject-matter  in  the  studies and researches centers  all over the USA.

There is a unique privacy in the mechanism  of the American democracy. It is a way to get the majority of votes in the elections, in what is so-called college elections, when total votes go to the candidate who wins the relative majority for each state. 

 Perhaps , the strange paradox happens  when we see that a  US President  has won the majority  electoral ballots , without getting  the majority of votes .This , however, is what had happened with President  W. Bush in the  pre- last election, not to mention the way the voting mechanism, as the right to vote is limited only  to persons registered in electoral lists, in  what constitutes only about three-quarters of eligible voters. The other paradox  is that the percentage of those who take part in elections effectively, according to statistics  conducted by , polling centers , do not exceed,  at their  best , fifty  five percent of those eligible to vote. If we know that the one who wins the elections to the presidency is the one who  gets more than half of the votes in the  College electoral calculations, it means mathematically that one who gets around seventeen percent of the votes of the total number of voters becomes the President of the  USA . In this point, in particular,   lies the importance of the Jewish lobby in the USA, where all American Jews and their supporters  activate  wide  public relations campaign in  support  to this or that candidate, especially that American Jews are concentrated in seven U.S. states, including New York and they  make up about two and a half percent of the total electorate, representing  a significant proportion compared to what is stated  in terms of the percentage of participants and the chances of winning for each candidate. A matter which gives great importance to their votes and influence in the American media and political body.  A fact which largely explains the great interest of candidates  for the  American presidency  in appealing  to  Jews, in general, and  the Zionist entity, in particular, in the context of the electoral bazaar, where  a political observer  of what  is happening  in the political arena,  the so-called maintaining the  security of Israel and supporting it,  is but the  greatest common denominator of all the contenders to get to the White House, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

 Perhaps the question that can be addressed  to us  as Arabs in the framework of this democratic game is about the role  to be  played  in the Democratic and Political context of  these  elections.  Should we take into account the Arab and Islamic presence in the USA, not to mention the financial investments and economic influence in the American economic, media and institutional joints? Can these forces and components that run regular public relations campaign be able to influence the results of the elections, as to be taken into the political account of candidates for the presidency or other elected democratic institutions. And more precisely,  is there a possibility for creating an Arab lobby in America, a country , which considers the  forming of lobbies as  one of the components of the democratic process that are entitled to legal authorization to operate  in public?

 No doubt,   the answer to that is yes. But, is there an Arab political will incline in this direction. And if the answer is no, would it be possible for the Arab community and cultural institutions, diplomatic and civil society forces and expatriate organizations in America to play such a role? This is a question we address to all of them.


Dr. Khalaf al-Moftah




Does Forces Withdrawal Mean Scheme Over?

 The Anglo-American invasion of Iraq didn’t aim at overthrowing the then Iraqi regime and establishing a democratic government, rather it was an introduction for an all-out scheme designed to restructure the entire region in accordance with a new Zionist-planned “Sykes-Picot” accord agreed on this time by the U.S. and Britain not by France and Britain as in the old one. This project was called the “New Middle East”.

Those who drew up the scheme’s scenarios, saw in Iraq a point of weakness through which they can penetrate other countries in the region to complete their expansionist and domination plans in a “domino-like game” and under false pretexts such as “freedom”, “democracy” and “human rights” , used to be provided by the West and colonialism to enslave poor countries.

Thus, the direct goal of the invasion wasn’t to overthrow the regime, but to undermine and eliminate Iraq through tearing the strong Iraqi social cohesion and restructuring it on sectarian and ethnic bases aiming at creating more divisions inside the Iraqi society and sowing sedition among sects.

George Bush and his supporters believed that the Iraqis had fallen into the trap and thought that they won victory by the fall of Baghdad at the hands of the Cowboys and their allies. They forgot that Baghdad is deeply rooted in history for more than 7000 years and that it will rise to defend Iraq’s territorial integrity. The flame of the Iraqi national resistance was lit, having Damascus, the Capital of the Umayyad, as a real supporter and a staunch keeper and defender of Arab national security.

 Those who understood the dimensions of the American scheme have realized that defending Iraq means defending the Arab nation and that giving up the Arab identity of Iraq declares the beginning of the failure of the Arab nationalist project, which is still the hope of millions of Arabs across the Arab region.

Traitors, who enjoyed trading with homelands, let the Americans imagine that Iraq’s invasion would be a picnic. Bush, who was in a hurry to declare victory, didn’t imagine that months after announcing victory, he would enter Iraq secretly and would leave with 5000 dead bodies of his marines and tens of thousands of injured soldiers behind him, not to mention the trillion-dollar loss and the damage caused to America’s reputation and image.

The partial American withdrawal from Iraq doesn’t mean that Iraq has recovered or is about to. It doesn’t absolutely mean that the American evil design in the region has been given up. On the contrary, the Americans and the Zionists are betting on transforming the Iraqi national resisting potentials, which confronted and defeated the American occupier, into a fire that burns the Iraqis themselves through reproducing sectarianism and fueling sedition among them.

However, the Iraqis should keep in mind that the five millions bombs fallen on Iraq couldn’t divide the Iraqi people or hit their national unity despite different political, religious and ethnic tendencies. They must not let political differences and disputes over power achieve what military force and occupation had failed to.

Preserving the Iraqi national unity and maintaining a sovereign and independent free Iraq, which keeps best relations with its neighbors, is the true victory to all the Iraqis and Arabs. It is the real defeat to those who thought they had succeeded in passing the so-called “New Middle East” project.

 This is the real challenge facing national forces in Iraq and the actual test for their commitment and loyalty to the blood of hundreds of thousands martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the freedom, independence and dignity of Iraq.

On the other hand, the Arabs shouldn’t keep watching, as they used to do in their self determination causes, waiting what may happen or in their best cases moving after it is too late to condemn or denounce an attack against Arab sovereignty. The scenarios, put forward, are terrible seriously endangering all in the region and nothing can hinder Arabs’ quick response embodied in mobilizing efforts and drawing up a clear vision that preserves the safety of Iraq’s territories and people so as to restore this important country as a key player in the region.


Dr. Khalaf al-Moftah



Obama and the Noble Prize




U.S. President Barak Obama was awarded the 2009 Noble Peace Prize by the Swedish Academy. Many people in the world were bewildered for or say surprised over awarding this prize for President Obama, including the President himself.

Perhaps the reason behind the bewilderment was that, until then, President Obama did not actually make a tangible achievement, with regard to world peace.

No doubt, this was not the first time, when an American President is awarded with a Noble prize.  Before Obama, Noble Prize was given to the former US President Jimmy Carter, in recognition of his role in signing of the so-called Egyptian- Israeli peace treaty, between Egypt and the Zionist entity.

However, an interpretation for granting the Noble prize to President Obama, can be put only in two frames: the first was the political discourse, adopted by President Obama since he took over the leadership of the strongest country in the world.  A discourse which had almost been distanced from the policy adopted  by the USA since  the aftermath of World War II ,  based on the use of force or  the threat of  using force in political dealing with  World countries.  An attitude which had been already consolidated, when the USA launched six largest major wars, since that date, resulted in huge victims, whose numbers exceeded number of victims of the First World War. The Six wars were: The Korean war in 1950 through 1953; the war of Vietnam which lasted from 1964 to 1975; the First Gulf War in 1991; up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Prior to the last war was the US invasion of Afghanistan, not to mention the wars   that were ignited or fueled by the USA, including   the Iran-Iraq War, and more than 30 wars in Latin America or Africa.

 This, ultimately, means that the USA is classified as a world champion in launching wars. If there were a Noble prize for launching wars, it would be won by the USA.  The second frame, which is more likely, in my view, is a bid as to  push the U.S. president to adopt a more practical international peace statement and to make a shift from the statement of intentions to  a practical conduct .

Besides,  the U.S. president is also required , in his capacity  as  President , and the key role played by the USA at the international level ,to  disclose a new concept into the  American political culture ,  based on a  new American approach, different  from  the common American policy. This very new concept is based on the language of dialogue instead of the language of force, on serving mutual interests with other partners instead of the supreme interests of the United States of America, and voicing respect for international legitimacy instead of using the American veto.

President Obama is able to invest in this Nobel Prize by making out of it an American message of peace and forgiveness to the world  a message that would make lot of peoples, especially those who suffered from the American wars, to enjoy security and safety, following years of repression, murders and pains.

Dr. Khalaf al-Moftah




American Book: A New Approach to the Definition of Terrorism




For a long time, the cultural and media scene in the USA remained closed to any writing dealing with the Zionist entity as a  structure and behavior,  by virtue of the media , political and economic influence  of the World Zionist Movement and its  practiced falsification of Western  consciousness on the reality  of what happened and is happening in the region.

There are few academic writings that dealt with that Zionist entity.  An important precedent in this area indicates a significant shift in this direction,  was a book published recently by  Columbia University, one of the most famous  American universities , authored  by  two Israeli writers: Ami Pedahzur and Arie Perliger, entitled "Jewish Terrorism in Israel".

 Forwarding the book, the prestigious university  indicated that  the book more than a  best seller, as it took  a ten-year academic effort   of specialists in terrorism and national security issues.

According to critics, the importance of the book does not only  stem from its  ever " untold" theme, nor of the fact that the authors are Israeli Jews, but because the two authors  were able after several years of research and investigation to have access to thousands of important  and secret documents of the Israeli  governments pertinent to Zionist terrorism since even before the creation  of the Zionist entity,  and how this helped in creating the conditions  to implant  this entity  in occupied Palestine.

The book includes dozens of interviews with former terrorists who were  known to Zionist and American  intelligence services , with persons  who cooperated with them  in the West,  as well as with politicians and security officials involved.

The two authors also held more than six opinion polls came across  over 4800 people representing  different scientific and academic levels and segments who embraced and backed the terrorists throughout several decades.  The two authors expressed a point of view about the relationship between terrorism and religion, considering  that terrorism is not confined to religion or ideology, rather a phenomenon  which is growing, wherever generating environments,  incubating it , are available.   They depict parallelism and similarity in the movement between the terrorist groups  in all religions.

The new philosophy that the two authors added was  that the doctrine itself is not generating violence, but the  militancy within any culture , which considers itself  the target or exposed  to envision a defensive front  against an external threat contributes to generate violence. The two authors introduced a new approach to the definition of terrorism centered on  some points: The use of violence;  a stimulation by   political motive;  the intention to spread fear and terror among victims, the victims  are to be civilians .

Perhaps, the most notable in the book is giving numbers and dates about the Zionist terrorism in Palestine and abroad. The  book included 3 databases covering  309 terrorist  Jewish attacks  in Palestine since 1932 until 2008, i.e. before barbaric aggression against  and about 224 of different  figures of  various ranks  involved in these attacks,  with a detailed explanation of the mechanism of action of the Zionist  terrorist networks,  their interdependence and inter- coordination .

The two authors went deeply into the history, shedding   light on the far-in time  record  of terrorist operations carried out by  the Jews. They started from the Jewish  Hasmonean family , whose members launched attacks against the Roman rulers in Palestine and poisoned the rivers and wells – which was by the way the first terrorist acts recorded in history –This early terrorist act shows  us the similarity between yesterday and today and how terrorism and extremism nested  within the structure and ideology  of this  entity.  A fact revealed on the lips and  pens  of  the entity 's two  countrymen, namely the two Jewish authors.

Worthy mentioning that all Jewish organizations in USA  ignored the book , with a clear objective not to highlight it  or create the motivation among readers to buy it. A matter, which will eventually influence  the  attitude of the American  cultural and academic circles  and  the American public opinion, altogether. 

From here emerges  the  important role to be played by Arab media , the  Arab communities in America and  sides concerned in the Arab League and embassies, so that efforts should be  materialized for a   remarkable  presence  and outstanding writings    of prominent  Arab writers and analysts  to be published in open  American and  World  media.  Such a presence can be maintained by explaining the content of the said book to the American Public opinion  and in making  it available at various levels of media means  as well as on the internet , where   the Americans constitute a large segment of its users.

  However, carrying out  such an activity, is  not only a moral, national and  humanitarian duty, but  also an opportunity to unmask  the history of Zionism in an environment,  which for  long period of  times remained outside our academic and  media  activities outreach , when Zionist media  proceeded in fabricating lies ,  deceiving  and distorting  the truth , portraying  Arabs, especially the Palestinians  as criminals and the Zionists as a victim!


Dr. Khalaf Al-Moftah