America under Trump rogue elephant in the international system: ex-Indian diplomat

NEW DELHI, (ST)- M.K. Bhadrakumar, a former Indian diplomat, has criticized the US international policy, pointing out that it is practicing “hypocrisy” particularly in dealing with international organizations.

“Trump’s diatribe against the ICC exposes the hypocrisy of the American policies, which keep blabbering about a “rules-based” international order while acting with impunity wherever it chooses, for geopolitical reasons,” said Bhadrakumar in an article in the News Click newspaper.

America’s withdrawal from Paris Agreement on climate change, UN Human Rights Council, UNESCO, WHO and ICC in addition to imposing unfair sanctions on sovereign countries like Syria prove that America under Trump has now become the rogue elephant in the international system, the former Indian diplomat added.

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Hamda Mustafa