Twitter puts warning on Trump tweet for 'threat of harm' against DC protesters

NEW YORK- Twitter on Tuesday put a warning label on a tweet from President Donald Trump in which he warned if protesters tried to set up an "autonomous zone" in Washington DC they would be "met with serious force!"

"We've placed a public interest notice on this Tweet for violating our policy against abusive behavior, specifically, the presence of a threat of harm against an identifiable group," Twitter said.

Twitter users, including Trump's supporters, will be unable to retweet the offending tweet due to the measure.

The company explained that although the tweet broke its rules it "will remain on the service given its relevance to ongoing public conversation."

Trump posted the same message on Facebook. CNN has reached out to Facebook for comment.

 "There will never be an 'Autonomous Zone' in Washington, D.C., as long as I'm your President. If they try they will be met with serious force!," Trump posted on Twitter and Facebook.

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Source: CNN Business