TASS casts light on the return of life to normal in Aleppo

Moscow (ST): The Russian News Agency (TASS) has thrown light on the return of life to normal in the city of Aleppo and its citadel. 

In its main bulletin, the Agency talked about Aleppo’s victory over terrorism and its defeat in in 2016, noting that life returned to the city and its commercial shops after years of suffering resulting from terrorism which has devastated many of Aleppo's  facilities.

The Agency quoted Khaled Hammoud, one of the artisans working in the field of copperware as saying that the city was waiting for the return of tourists, noting that terrorists destroyed many of Aleppo 's neighborhoods, but they came to life once again.

TASS also noted that the tradesmen and tourist guides who narrate the history of Aleppo citadel, returned to their work, each one according to his specialization.

Tourist guide Abdel Hai Khaddour said that all restaurants and cafes have  opened and    visitors can come to the citadel and we are waiting for tourists from all parts of the world.