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British journalist shows tragedies of people maimed by the western sponsored terrorists in Syria’s Aleppo

Although Aleppo city has regained its bustle since the liberation of most of its neighborhoods from foreign-backed al-Qaeda terrorist by the Syrian army in 2016, there are desperate attempts by those terrorists, who are still hiding out in the northern, western and southwestern sides of the city, to paralyze the movement in some streets there and to turn the ancient city again into a field of battle.

The British journalist Vanessa Beeley, who is now in Aleppo city, said in a post she published on her Facebook account that there is graffiti on a wall warns people not to cross a street in Khalediyah neighborhood because snipers lie in wait to pick civilians off like rabbits.

More than half of Americans support Trump's removal

NEW YORK (ST) - More than half of Americans support investigations to dismiss President Donald Trump, according to a new poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC network.

According to the poll, more than 53 % of respondents said they supported Trump's removal measures and expressed dissatisfaction with his performance. The Democrats occupy the highest percentage in supporting the investigations at 89% compared to 58% of independents and 9% of Republicans. 

Czech website says it is difficult to find a citadel that is more wonderful than the Krac des Chevaliers

PRAGUE, (ST)- A Czech website, that is interested in ancient history, affirmed in a report on Monday that is difficult to find a citadel that is more wonderful than al-Hosn citadel (Krac des Chevaliers) in Syria's Homs.

The  Czech "Historical Moments" website said that the specialty of al-Hosn citadel is not only due to the nature of the large and greatly fortified building, but also due to the fact that it is located in an area that has witnessed the oldest civilizations.

The report focused on the stages of building the citadel, explaining that it is built on an area of 3 hectares and it can accommodate about 4000 soldiers. The report clarified that this area is very big compared to that on which the biggest citadel in the Czech Republic was built, which is one hectare.

Suicide kills more US soldiers than combat operations

WASHINGTON, (ST)-  The "New York Times" has unveiled that suicide cases among the American army personnel have increased and that the number of the soldiers who commit suicide has become bigger than that of the soldiers killed in wars.

An opinion article, "Suicide Has Been Deadlier Than Combat for the Military" by journalist Carol Giacomo, a member of the newspaper editorial board the newspaper's, revealed that suicide rates for active-duty service members and veterans are rising despite the fact that the US government has invested $1 billion in seeking solutions.

According to the "New York Times", more than 45,000 veterans and active-duty service members have killed themselves in the past six years. That is more than 20 deaths a day — in other words, more suicides each year than the total American military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The 6th anniversary of Lattakia massacre

The Syrian Member of Parliament Fares Shehabi posted on his FB page: "Today marks the sixth anniversary of the massacre of northern #Lattakia towns where NATO the beloved of rebels killed 400 civilians & kidnapped some 136 most of them women & children!" 
This post was followed by a comment written by Eva Karene Barlett, who indicated that this horrific massacre was but one of many committed by the mythical "rebels"/ "freedom fighters"/ "FSA" / "unarmed protesters".

Eva Bartlett Interviews Rukban Camp Evacuees on Life in the Camp

Eva Bartlett, a Canadian writer and activist, followed up the Syrian-Russian  process of evacuating displaced civilians from Rukban Camp near the US-occupied Al-Tanf base. She interviewed some evacuees who spoke about their miserable life in the camp. In an Op-Ed titled "US Exceptionalism: Exploiting Certain Syrians, Ignoring Others"  and published by RT, Bartlett also shed light on the lies of Western corporate media which keeps claiming that the evacuation process is ‘forced displacement’ to Syrian government-controlled area.

Stephen Lendman: Douma Chemical Incident a US-NATO False Flag… OPCW Is a US Imperial Tool

The chemical watchdog group is mandated “to implement the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention to achieve a world free of” CWs.

Its mission includes conducting “credible and transparent” on-site inspections to verify use of and destruction of these weapons.

Time and again, it flagrantly breaches its mandate, serving US-led Western interests, producing dubious reports with falsified, distorted rubbish, suppressing vital information.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova earlier slammed the group for failing to discharge its duties as mandated by the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Last March, its falsified Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) report on the alleged April 7, 2018 CW incident in Douma, Syria said the following:

"Regarding the alleged use of toxic chemicals as a weapon in Douma (Syria)…evaluation and analysis…of information gathered by the FFM (gathered much too late to matter) provide(s) reasonable grounds that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon has taken place on April 7, 2018. This toxic chemical contained reactive chlorine. The toxic chemical was likely molecular chlorine.”

The incident was a US/NATO false flag, Syria wrongfully blamed for a victimless nonevent – no one killed, hospitalized or ill from exposure to toxins, not chlorine or any other banned substance, nothing. The OPCW lied suggesting otherwise.