The village of Era in Sweida is an archaeological monument

The village of 'Era', located to the south-west of the city of al- Sweida, is characterized by its beautiful and diverse nature, which combines hills, valleys, plains, springs, historical monuments and houses built of basalt stones that tell the story of civilizations which the village passed through as well as the ancient history of the region.

Dr. Nashaat Kiwan, Head of the Department of Antiquities, pointed out that “Era” is an old region, where it witnessed during the previous ages civilizational prosperity due to  its important position as it was the link between Bosra and Sweida.

Kiwan points out that the village of Era is an important heritage landmark, which was built in 1886 AD, due to the fact that it was built of antique movable and ornated stones, pointing out it was mentioned by one of the Swiss travelers in his book "Travels in Syria" in 1810-1811.

Inhabitants of the village narrate that there was a fortress at the top of the hill above which the village was built, where it appeared to be a wall of an ancient town in the Greek and Roman periods.



Inas Abdulkareem