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Authorities in Plamyra Found Palmyrene funerary bust previously looted by ISIS terrorists

PALMYRA, (ST)- Authorities in the Syrian city of Palmyra in Homs countryside have found a Palmyrene funerary bust that was looted by ISIS terrorists from one of the cemeteries of Palmyra and left behind by them when they were driven out of the area by a major military operation by the Syrian Arab army.

According to the Secretary of Palmyra National Museum Khalil al-Hariri, the funerary bust, which dates back to the 12th century AD, is perfectly made of hard limestone. It is a bust of a man who wears the ancient Palmyrene clothing. He has a beard, a mustache and a straight nose and he holds a key in his left hand while his right hand is put on his chest, al-Hariri said.

 He pointed out that the name of the dead person is "Wahabullat bin Zubeidi" and it is carved with the expression: "regretfully".

This important funerary bust has been maintained and exhibited in the corridors of Palmyra National Museums.

Hamda Mustafa