Al-Annat, Village of History and Civilization

Al-Sweida, (ST) - The village of al Annat, located in the southernmost countryside of the city of Sweida, is famous of its ancient ruins, which tell the story of ancient civilizations. Its houses are built of basalt stones, which together with vineyards and apples form a fascinating plate that fascinates spectators.

The village, Annat is distinguished by its beautiful nature, its varied air, its streets, its narrow paths between its monumental monuments, which smell of time and history.
The head of the Department of archeology in Sweida, Dr. Nashaat Kiwan, pointed out to SANA that Annat village and its name is taken from the fertile gods is one of the historical villages whose history dates back to ancient times, roads, old sidewalks, parts of houses and archeological towers.
In addition to the presence of two large ponds built during the reign of Ezz Al-Deek Aibak in 1138 AD. At that time convoys coming from Wadi Al-Sarhan passed through Azraq area all the way to al-Annat.

 It is noteworthy that the al-Annat is 54 km away from the city of Al-Sweida, 1135 meters above the sea level, and is administratively affiliated to the Salkhad area.

 Raghda Sawas