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Souq "El Dayaa", the Oldest Historical Souq in Lattakia

The Dayyaa Souk is currently known as the “Souk al-Dawla”, and it is the oldest souq in Latakia. It is located in the center of Lattkia between Ugarit neighborhood and the old Sulaibah.

It begins in Abu Tammam Park and ends on Al Quwatli Street. It contains a group of ancient ruins similar to Roman ruins. Few people know it by this name.

There is archaeological evidence of "historical buildings characterized by arches and narrow lanes" thus giving an idea of the city of Lattakia in the pre Islamic era.

Some people said al-Dayyaa was a palace with a stable on its lower floor, and in the upper part people sat.

People in Dayyaa were working with bleaching and there was a market for welders, carpenters and blacksmiths.

Lama Razzok