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The end of the emergency restoration works of Zine El Abidine Palace in Inkhil, Dara’a

The first phase of the work of the emergency restoration project of Zine El Abidine Palace in Inkhil has ended, at a total cost of 12 million Syrian pounds.

On December 21, Dr. Muhammad Khair al-Nasrallah, the Head of the Department of Antiquities and Museums in Dara’a said that the project was implemented by the Department in cooperation with the private sector.

Nasrallah indicated that the work included documenting, dismantling and installing cracked parts of the walls, the floor of the palace, and steel doors and windows to protect the palace from vandalism.

Nasrallah revealed that the Palace is one of the important examples of rural buildings that have remained conservative in their original form.

He explained that the building is surrounded by many old buildings that have features that differ from the palace in terms of size, decor, height, and others.

He added that the Department is carrying out restoration work according to priorities and in an emergency manner to prevent the structural deterioration of many of the ancient buildings scattered in the Governorate of Dara’a.


O. al-Mohammad