Visitors of different nationalities call on international organizations to contribute to rebuilding what has been destroyed by the enemies of humanity in Palmyra

A foreign tourist group visited the city of Palmyra today and witnessed the ruins  and devastation of the city's archaeological and historical monuments due to the terrorist attacks of ISIS.

The tourist group, which includes people of different nationalities, visited the ancient city,  Palmyra National Museum, the famous Temple of Belle, the columns Street and the historical theater, the most prominent archaeological sites, and documented the destruction and devastation of the city's landmarks and tourist facilities due to terrorism.

The British tourist, Zappa, a university student, showed admiration for the architectural monuments in Palmyra. He said: “I am very happy to be in this city that I am visiting for the first time, but at the same time I am deeply saddened by the devastation of the unique monuments that the terrorist organization ISIS has turned into rubble , calling on relevant international organizations to contribute to rebuilding what the enemies of human culture have ruined.”

The American tourist, Michael Florino, said that the city of Palmyra needs to mobilize the efforts of international archaeological experts and researchers, as well as the support of- international institutions concerned with archaeological restoration and responsible for preserving the global human heritage to rebuild those historic monuments that have been sabotaged by terrorist attacks.

"My dream came true by visiting the city of Palmyra yet  I feel great sadness and pain due to the systematic sabotage of the monuments in this city that is located in the heart of the desert and marks the beginning of civilization from East to West," said tourist Michael, director of a YouTube media site.

He added: “After watching the destruction on the ground, we noticed that security and stability are available and the lives of people are very normal unlike what is reported in the Western media.”

He said: “We will work to document all our beautiful observations about Syria and its hospitable people through our media channel", stressing that Syria will return as it was the crossroads of Culture Art and Human history. " 

Amal Farhat