Nebo Temple historical mix two civilizations

The Archaeological Temple of Nebo is one of the important temples in the city of Palmyra which took an architectural form different from the rest of the temples in the Bride of the Desert (Palmyra).

The temple, which was devoted to the God of Wisdom and knowledge of the Babylonians, and whose worship spread in the Levant dates back to the second century AD and is located in the center of the archaeological site of the temple. It was discovered in 1960 when a French archaeological mission excavated it.

The temple is distinguished by its eastern style and architectural and cultural characteristics that are still present at the site where there are three entrances towards the long street and a main entrance in the opposite south side. It is surrounded by corridors and columns of Corinthian crowns with decorations. On its sides, there are three rooms connected directly to the interior corridors leading to a courtyard in the middle of the temple structure in the center of which there is the statue of God Nebo.

Inside the temple there is a so-called a holy place specialized for the entry of priests. The symbolism of the pilgrimage in the temple is to wear certain clothing and rituals and carry the statue of the God Nebo during the process of circumambulation of pilgrims in the corridors of the external temple.

God Nebo is keeper of  the secrets of the "the God of Gods Bel" in Palmyra, and it was revealed through many archaeological discoveries that the name of Nebo was always written alongside the name of the god Bel  but especially on the cards of the ceremonial invitation to religious banquets because he was loved.


Raghda Sawas