The Mill of Seven in Homs .. Dating to the sixth century

The Mill of Seven in Homs which dates back to the  sixth century is  one of the civilizational monuments that  reflects the city's distinct identity, especially as it was built of basaltic stone.

During a seminar hosted by the city's cultural center, Eng. Abdul Hadi Al-Najjar, a member of the Historical Society in Homs, explained that the seven mill, which is located on the Orontes River, west of the city was constructed in 1459 and it still maintains its outside shape as one of the few remaining models that are in good condition in terms of installations and structures that operate on the hydraulic principle on the Orontes River.


It is one of 400 water structures located along the Orontes River including windmills, fountains, dams and canals that clearly reflect the civilization of the inhabitants of this region.

The mill is called " the seven" because it includes seven of the millstones that were used by the people of Homs to grind the grains of their crops , since the abundant flow of the Orontes River caused the wind mill to rotate quickly.

Writer Burhan Shalil, called for introducing the young generations to their ancient history by highlighting their ancestral civilization and shedding light on the ancient ruins, taking care of them, preserving them, and promoting  tourism industry in our country which is rich in ancient ruins.


Amal Farhat