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"The Secrets of Palmyra"

Homs,(ST)-The lecture was given by Dr. Khalil Al-Hariri, Secretary of the Palmyra Museum, entitled "The Secrets of Palmyra". It dealt with a civilization and history of Palmyra, and the definition of the embalming process of the Palmyra.

The lecture organized by Mada Cultural Project shed light on the importance of embalming among the palmyrenes and their high educational level, according to their use of elaborate methods in this process and the materials used.

Al-Hariri presented the steps of the embalming process, the importance, and the date of its discovery, explaining the similarities and differences between the embalming process among the palmyrenes and the Egyptians and the studies done on the mummies.

In turn, Ramiz Al-Hussein, Director of the Mada Cultural Project, pointed out that the civilization of Palmyra left humanity great treasures and its archaeology proved that the palmyrenes were the owners of knowledge,  culture and art, pointing out to the interest of the Mada project in introducing this civilization and highlighting it through its various activities.


Haifaa Mafalani