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Czech TV: Palmyra is still admired globally, despite terrorist sabotage it suffered from

Czech television today affirmed that Palmyra, which was a link between ancient civilizations throughout its history, is still admired globally, despite the sabotage and destruction it has suffered at the hands of terrorists.

In a report on Palmyra prepared by the TV correspondent to Syria, Vaclav Chernohorsky, Czech television referred to  the darkest period in which Palmyra has lived  in its history, mainly when it was controlled by the terrorist organization ISIS which wreaked havoc and destruction there.

The report  pointed out that the archeologists in Syria are working and trying their utmost to restore some of the ruins that were destroyed in Palmyra,  noting that UNESCO described the destruction of this important ancient city as a war crime.

The Czech Travel Mag Tourism website recently published a report on the city of Palmyra, in which it indicated that Palmyra deserves the title of "Desert Jewel" because of its unique ruins.

Inas Abdulkareem