Renowned Czech director: Syria is a very beautiful country with an amazing history

PRAGUE, (ST)- Syria's great ancient civilization was the theme of a recent photo report published by renowned Czech director and actor Ondrej Havelka.

He described Syria as a very beautiful country with an amazing history.

In a photo report he posted on "Trekking" website that specializes in tourism, the Czech artists showcased 23 big colored photos that he had taken of historical places in Syria.

Syria is a culturally rich country, particularly in terms of archeological sites and unique antiquities, said Havelka, hailing the hospitality of the Syrian people.

 The Czech artists talked about the history and the beauty of the monuments of Damascus, Palmyra, Ma’aloula, Aleppo, Hama waterwheels and the Krak des Chevaliers.

He pointed out that ancient architects were so creative in building Damascus and in making it a real heaven.

Hamda Mustafa