On International Museum Day ... Syrian antiquities continue their virtual activities with the application of quarantine procedures

The celebration of the International Day of Museums began in 1977, with the 18th of May each year being designated as World Day for this occasion. The aim is highlighting the role of these centers in development, education and knowledge.

The World Council of Museums oversees the celebration of this day as an organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization "UNESCO" sees on this occasion an opportunity for museum professionals to communicate with the public and alert them to current challenges and strengthen the relationship between the museum and society, given that the museum in the modern era is no longer just a home to preserve historical, heritage and cultural treasures, but it has become a scientific center that contributes to the spread of knowledge, science and the definition of human heritage.

In light of what the world’s countries are witnessing from quarantine and preventive measures against the Corona virus, the initiative of the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums to launch the Virtual Museum of Syrian Cultural Heritage came in response to the role of knowledge and development museums in society and to achieve the principle of spatial divergence to enhance response procedures.

The museum contains pictures of examples of artifacts on display in various Syrian museums and archaeological sites throughout the country.

The Antiquities Directorate has also uploaded on its official website a set of specialized books related to Syrian antiquities and their civilization issued by the Ministry of Culture, Antiquities Directorate in line with the ministry's plan in the measures taken to tackle the Corona virus and to allow academics, researchers, interested people and students to access information easily after the closure of the Antiquities Directorate's library.

The Syrian Virtual Museum is keeping pace with the first stage of the proliferation of virtual museums, which flourished in a lot of countries in the world due to the rapid development of digital technology.

The importance of the virtual museum comes through museum marketing, the promotion of tourism, the delivery of the Syrian archaeological heritage to all parts of the world, and the recipient's awareness of the various eras and civilizations that Syria witnessed.


Haifaa Mafalani