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Neanderthal man left ruins dating back 100,000 years in the village of Al-Shir in Lattakia countryside

Damascus, (ST) - The village of Al-Shir is located on the banks of the northern Al-Kabeer River in the countryside of Lattakia, a site that is well known on at the global level, because it found in it stone tools were dating back about a hundred thousand years.

Archaeological researcher Dr. Bassam Jamous said that these tools are made by the Neanderthal man, who came to us from Germany and settled on the banks of the river. Neanderthal manis the second ambassador after the Homoarkus man who is considered an "erect ". Homoarkus man settled on the banks of the river and inhabited the village of Tamarkho a million years ago.

Jamous said that “although the discovery of the effects of Neanderthal man in the al-Sher site is not the first of its kind in Syria, as in the 1990s a Syrian-Japanese mission found the skeletons of three Neanderthal children in a cave in the Wadi Afrin.  He confirms that the strategic geographical location of the Sherr and the climate factor helped civilizational stability from 100,000 years to the present time, the matter which gave it great importance

Anthropology classifies Neanderthal man as a genus of Neanderthals who settled in Europe and parts of Western Asia and Central Asia and were characterized by its short, full, and strong body in a period that coincided with the ice age that prevailed throughout Europe and Asia two hundred and thirty thousand years ago.


Raghda Sawas