Translated book depicts “Wars on Syria”

A book written by French author and researcher Michele Rimbaud has disclosed the reasons of the war on Syria and highlighted the aspirations of Syria’s enemies to build their glories on the ruins of other peoples. The book is titled “Syrian Wars” “Les Guerres de Syrie”.

The 368-page book was published by the Syrian Book Organization.

The book, which was translated by Syrian author and researcher, Dr. Lubana Mshawweh, uncovers the wars waged by the United States, Britain and France in the Middle East, highlighting their covert support for terrorist organizations and militias that aim at undermining the region to serve these countries’ interests.

The book also reveals the aggressors’ strategies of oppressing other peoples, their support for Zionism and their calls for false democracy through various methods managed by the Zionist intelligence.

Story collection “When I decided to kill my wife” sheds light on suffering due to terrorism

The story collection “When I decided to kill my wife” is  the early work of the writer Kifah Razzouk. . Its short stories shed light on the methods of conspiracies and terrorism that Syria was exposed to, based on the reality he lived in,in his hometown in Idlib countryside.He  compared what the homeland provided to its sons to the crimes of terrorism.

The story collection that  that the author titled “When I decided to kill my wife” tells in detail what the author, his wife and some women were subjected to in terms of being pursued by terrorists and attempts to kidnap and attack homes where the women preferred to die rather than being kidnapped by terrorist organizations.

The author, Razzouk, in his other story, “The Cry of al- Mukhtar”, sheds light on contradictory social situations, the most dangerous of which are selfishness and self-love, indicating that no country can advance except through love, truth-telling and social solidarity.

While the story of “Gifts wrapped with curses” criticized many flaws and made many observations and combined the style of the story and the novel.

The story of “The jar” monitored the parents' disappointment with their children after their great fatigue with them, the shock of disappointment and the yielding of some sons to the conspirators and leaving their families to suffer.

Syria's Struggle Against the French Occupation in A New Book by Ihssan Hindi

The last stage of the French occupation of Syria, which lasted for nearly a quarter of a century, was the bloodiest, as this colonialist thought that committing more crimes against the Syrian people would make them give up their demand for independence.

Historian Dr. Ihssan Hindi presents, in a new book he reviewed and commented on, entitled "France's aggression against Syria, May-June 1945, by the Unknown Soldier", examples of the  occupation’s terrorist attacks against unarmed Syrian civilians since March 1945, as the crimes of the occupation were confined to remote villages and public roads before they included cities, to reach its climax in the aggression of May 29 of the same year.

The First Complete Syrian Translation of The Novel, "Les Misérables" Issued by the Book Authority

There is no fictional work that has gained so much popularity, despite the sadness and misery it contains like the novel "Les Miserables",  by the French writer Victor Hugo. It was considered the most important among his works, which were about fifty. Many writers were inspired by its plot as it appeared dozens of times on stage and on film and television screens.

Despite the importance of the novel, it was not fully translated into Arabic except once in the 1950s by the late Lebanese writer and translator Munir Baalbaki. Later on, short versions of it appeared in Arabic with fragments of several chapters. Now the Syrian General Book Organization is presenting the second complete Arabic translation of "The Miserables" which is the first of its kind among the publishing institutions in Syria.

"The White Tiger"… A translated Indian novel, new publication by the Book Authority

The history of human civilization began with writing that has reached us through the ages . The novel  was a form of writing that, in turn, enabled us to see an image  of ancient and modern societies and to transfer us through  time, so that we live with people in those times,  learn from them and about them,  how they were and how they built the civilizations that we are experiencing now.

The novel, " White Tiger" by Indian author Aravind Adega depicts the contemporary reality of India, that vast country with over a billion multi-cultural population who live within a great natural geographic and demographic diversity.

The White Tiger, is the nickname of the protagonist who grew up in a very poor family, but his irresistible desire to collect money and   power led him to pursue all legal and illegal ways to achieve this goal, depending on his mastery of contracting and its secrets , as it is stated in the novel that the Indians are good at contracting, while the Chinese are more adept at the field of technology.