Stories by talented children and senior writers in new releases of the Book Authority

DAMASCUS,(ST)- The Publications Directorate of the Syrian Public Authority for Books issued a collection of various stories within "Our Children" series, some of which were written by talented children and others by senior writers. These stories participated in developing the aesthetic sense of the young as well as  encouraging educational and human values within themselves.

In the story of "Lana's Secret" for the two children, Yaqoub Darwish and  Zain Al Yamani, we see a beautiful method in making young people love the kindergarten, through the story of "Lana", the kindergarten had become the secret of her happiness and activity.

A book about sight and ophthalmology in Arab history

Damascus, (ST) - Arabs exceeded in the wisdom, medicine and optical sciences. They made unprecedented contributions in ophthalmological sciences. The books of Ibn Al-Haytham, Ibn Rushd, Al-Razi and others are still amongst the most important references in this medical specialization.

The book, "The Evolution of the Theory of Sight in Arab Civilization," by Dr. Buthaina Jalakhi, explores the role of Arabs in that science, especially their interest in ophthalmology, relying on the book al-Manazer for the Greek Euclid and its effect on Arab philosophical and theoretical thought in that era of Arab civilization and enlightenment.

The author divides the book into two chapters. The first includes the theory of sight for the ancient Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Ptolemy and Galenos.

Washington's Long War on Syria:

The Syrian Arab Book Agency recently published a book titled " Washington's Long War on Syria" which casts light on the US direct aggression on Syria and the misleading media campaigns launched against Syria to distort facts and achieve colonialist objectives.

The writer said that the US put a propaganda campaign to mislead world public opinion and justify its wars in the Middle East claiming that its intervention in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya was to establish democracy and for humanitarian reasons.

Men under the mercy of women

An advice for women: "Do not treat your husband as if you're his mother". 

You can play the role of mother in three situations (illness, anger and anxiety). Don't accept being a mother to your partner, you can be a friendly and beloved partner because he has become mature and no longer needs a watchman.

In her book "Men under the mercy of women... The idea of self-development" which was issued by the Syrian General Book Authority, Dr. Naima Hassan points out in a mature view of social, emotional and human relationships that the life partner is an independent adult and can manage the affairs of his life by himself.

Book on September 11th and International Legitimacy

"The Problem of the International Legitimacy Reference , the UNSC Resolutions as a Sample" is a new book recently published by Dr. Hamzeh Abu Hassan.

The writer said that September 11th events constituted a new phase through which the US wanted to impose a unilateral approach with regard to UN Resolutions. The UN and its affiliated bodies were the place the US selected to dominate  the whole world and issue what it likes of UN resolutions that serve its regional and international interests  in the name of the international legitimacy.