" A blood stained love".. A story collection, women are its protagonists

The newly released " Blood stained  Love" by writer Fatima Al-Khadour, raises and discusses several social issues that mostly concern woman and depicts her suffering.   

The collection includes twenty different stories, but there is a common factor that combines them, which is the human emotion that affects many events and simulates reality and reflects its various consequences.

Al-Khadour adopts clear and sound language committed to the rules of storytelling and the plot is dramatic , which contributed to strengthening the work and making it stick in the memory  of the individual and the issues that matter in society. 

The stories have also raised some critical issues of marital infidelity, divorce, falsehood, economic status, and other matters that affect the cohesion of society in addition to the writer's focus on the health role of the social environment.

It is noteworthy that this group issued by the cultural workshop for printing, publishing and distribution is the second edition of "Al Khadour" ,which was preceded by the novel "Sleeping with Death".  

Amal Farhat