Reading Marathon is an initiative to encourage reading online

HOMS, (ST) - The reading marathon, which was launched on social media seeks to encourage electronic reading, especially in light of the current circumstances within the procedures to prevent corona virus.

The marathon is being held by the Fraternity Association “young forever” in the town of Sadad in Homs countryside for the fourth year. It headed to the virtual world this year where its idea according to Abla Al-Hayy who is responsible for the association, is that each participant reads one book daily and shares their input about the useful and positive content of the book with other participants.

Al-Hayy said that the participation in the marathon is open to all, where the participants are divided into two categories, children and adults. The proceedings of the marathon will be used to purchase computers for students as this is the  aim of the association.

The member of the association, Mayada Awil, considered that the Reading Marathon is very important in increasing the knowledge and linguistic ability of the members of the community of the town, Sadad.

It is noteworthy that the marathon was launched in the town of Sadad in 2017 and it started off as a running race with proceedings going to various societies, to do with "children's cancer, support for surgeries, and the distribution of medicines".


Haifaa Mafalani