Creations of international writers and thinkers among the folds of a new magazine, Jusoor

Various creations of international writers and thinkers in different kinds of knowledge and literature were included in the latest issue of the quarterly cultural "Jusoor" magazine published by the Syrian General Book Authority in addition to the German philosopher Walter Benjamin.

The issue was launched by the ministry of  culture in a speech titled "Translation is a multi-language" and spoke about the presence of Arabic in the field of translation, while Editor-in-Chief Hossam El-Din Khaddour addressed in an article entitled “Translation is part of a cultural scene that is constantly evolving” the National Project for Translation calling our national universities to expand its educational plan to include teaching other languages Like Chinese and Hindo.

The chapter of "thought" in " Jusoor " magazine included various articles and studies, including an interview with the late writer Dr. Malika Abiad . Also the  role of translation in the comparative literature of Dr. Surjeet Singh and Arwal translated by Dr. Adnan Azouz and the role of the Bakhtyshu family in medicine translated by Dr. Fadel Najadi in addition to translation as a creative work of Yves Mason translated by Dr. Muhammad Arab Saasil and others.

The chapter  of "culture" focused on publishing studies of international writers, including establishing and developing the theory between 1928 and 1972 by Noam Chomsky, translated by Ziad Al-Awda in addation to  sociology at the School of the Contemporary French Novel by Ann Barreiro Danilo Martioselli, translated by Dr. Wael Barakat and others.

Jusoor presented five articles and introductory studies by the philosopher Benjamin 1892-1940, who is considered one of the most important European theorists of culture in the twentieth century, where his writings were transient to cognitive fields and concerned with the latest cultural technologies as much as the classic forms of culture.

In the chapter of" creativity", we find translations of poetic and fictional texts, including a story by the Italian writer Italo Calvino entitled Girls of the Moon translated by Hussam El-Din Khadour and another entitled Children thinking about death for the Belarusian Svetlana Alexeyevich translated by Dr. Thaer Zain Al-Din and a third that carried the title of my life and the wave for Mexican Octavio Bath translated by Rand Youssef as well as a selections lattice.

The chapter of "Intimacy" was devoted to talking about international writers, including Russian Mikhail Bakhtin, by Dr. Ratib Sukkar, and American Virginia Woolf, translated by Shaher Obeid and Greek Nikos Kazantzakis by Abbas Hiroqa.

Haifaa Mafalani