The novel (Phenicle) merges fantasy with reality and recalls the legacy of Syria to the world

The novel Phenicle was the only survivor of the fire that the terrorists had set  to the house of its author, Ahmed Wanous.It was released in a printed version, to narrate the story of an ancient and honorable history, of a steadfast homeland and the pain, heroism and sacrifices that this country has endured.

The novel, which won the Hanna Minah Award of the Syrian General Book Authority in 2018, tells the story of a Phoenician princess who taught the world the meaning of life and its sciences when the Phoenicians  were masters of knowledge and science while the West did not even have knowledge of  fire and was living in the Stone Age.


The   chapters of this novel speak about a journey that this princess is taking nowadays, where she finds that all the good, knowledge and  science she has provided to the world has turned into evil, destruction and killing in her country, just as is happening in Palestine, Syria and other countries of the region.

The novel was published by the Book Authority is located in 632 middle sized pages.

It is noteworthy that the writer Wanous was born in Masyaf. He has four collections of poetry, including "Where is the River", the novel "Behind the scenes of Damascus", a collection of stories entitled "The day when the memory came back" and a critical study in the poetry of Muzaffar Al-Nawab, in addition to many literary and critical research in local and Arab newspapers and magazines.


Amal Farhat