Washington's Long War on Syria:

The Syrian Arab Book Agency recently published a book titled " Washington's Long War on Syria" which casts light on the US direct aggression on Syria and the misleading media campaigns launched against Syria to distort facts and achieve colonialist objectives.

The writer said that the US put a propaganda campaign to mislead world public opinion and justify its wars in the Middle East claiming that its intervention in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya was to establish democracy and for humanitarian reasons.

Men under the mercy of women

An advice for women: "Do not treat your husband as if you're his mother". 

You can play the role of mother in three situations (illness, anger and anxiety). Don't accept being a mother to your partner, you can be a friendly and beloved partner because he has become mature and no longer needs a watchman.

In her book "Men under the mercy of women... The idea of self-development" which was issued by the Syrian General Book Authority, Dr. Naima Hassan points out in a mature view of social, emotional and human relationships that the life partner is an independent adult and can manage the affairs of his life by himself.

Book on September 11th and International Legitimacy

"The Problem of the International Legitimacy Reference , the UNSC Resolutions as a Sample" is a new book recently published by Dr. Hamzeh Abu Hassan.

The writer said that September 11th events constituted a new phase through which the US wanted to impose a unilateral approach with regard to UN Resolutions. The UN and its affiliated bodies were the place the US selected to dominate  the whole world and issue what it likes of UN resolutions that serve its regional and international interests  in the name of the international legitimacy.

The Syrian Book Organization launches its annual prizes for best creative works

The Syrian General Organization of Books has recently launched its annual prizes for the best creative literary and artistic works.

The prizes include: Hanna Mina prize for novel writing, Sami al-Droubi prize for translation into Arabic, Omar Abu Risheh prize for poetry as well as the child-oriented story prize and the child-oriented painting prize.The book organization said, that the prizes target Syrian and Arab writers and artists who are resident in Syria.

"Soft Fists" a book telling how 23 Syrian businesswomen withstood the terrorist war imposed on their country

The Businesswomen Committee at the Damascus Chamber of Commerce has launched a book titled “Soft Fists” depicting the experiences of 23 Syrian businesswomen who confronted the impacts of the terrorist war on their country and who have managed during the years of war on Syria to establish small projects and present different trade, economic and humanitarian services to the Syrian society and economy.

Mrs. Sonia Khanji, Chairperson of the Businesswomen Committee, said in a statement to SANA that the book, which was launched Sunday evening, presents examples of Syrian businesswomen, who, despite the difficult circumstances caused by the war and the economic siege on Syria, have turned the negative circumstances in the country into positive energy that enabled them to play a major role in economic empowerment and development.

“Each one of these women has achieved notable presence in her work sector. Even during the war, they managed to break many old-fashioned social and economic barriers and played a new effective role in economic life through creating new work methods inspired by the situation on the ground, thereby presenting the world a distinguished example to follow,” according to Khanji.