Historical topics about Lattakia .. A book that documents ancient relics of its history

Damascus, ST- Historical topics about Lattakia is the title of the book recently issued by the Syrian General Book Establishment by   the researcher Khaled Fattahi. The book talks about the ancient relics in Lattakia, its history and the industries that the city is characterized by.

The 264-page book deals with many poems, in addition to miscellaneous news to interest the reader. The writer also mentioned at length the history of earthquakes in Lattakia.

Bilderberg Group: Syria on the Agenda!

Browsing Internet; I deliberately, discover a statement made by former Cuban president, Fidel Castro, referring to a clandestine group having supremacy on the most powerful and influential personalities in the World; as well as dominance over almost every industrial, financial, economical, and political leading sector.

it was like a bang. Driven by my strong  sense of curiosity, I  researched that secret group, all fingers where pointing at an award-winning investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderberg Group for over 17 years, Daniel Estulin.  He is the author of La Verdadera Historia del Club Bilderberg (2005), a bestseller in Spain, where he is based.

Dr. Ka'adan's books on the terrorist war against Syria

Dr. Mohammed Yahya Ka'adan recently published three books on the importance of Syria's geographical location, the invasions and conspiracies to which the region was subjected to over different periods of time and the terrorist war against Syria.

In the first book, Ka'adan reviews the colonialist projects hatched against the Arab Homeland and the conspiracies of some Arab regimes against Syria through the so-called Arab Spring. The author clarified that the Arab Spring was invented by the US and its Western allies and marketed by some petro-dollar states and Turkey with the aim of achieving colonialist political and economic objectives.

Syrian diplomat and writer Dr. Anas al-Raheb speaks to Syria Times about his books

Anas Hilalal-Raheb, 50-year-old, Syrian diplomat and author from Latakia governorate’s Mashqita village. He traveled to different countries of the world such as the Soviet Union, Hungary, Egypt, Sudan, Senegal, Yugoslavia, Britain, Sudan, South Africa and Venezuela. He is from a political and intellectual family. He graduated from the University of Damascus’ Faculty of Law. He obtained a masters degree in political and diplomatic studies and a doctorate in international relations from the National Center for Diplomatic Studies at the Sudan Academy of Sciences of the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates from 1991 to 2013. He joined the Arab Writers Union in 2017.

Q1: You are from a diplomatic and intellectual family and served as a diplomat in different countries, how have these factors affected your writing and the way of your thinking?

“There is no doubt that access to different cultures of countries gives the author the ability to distinguish between human societies, which will in turn deepen his thought, concept and logic, expand his imagination, enrich his experience and increase his knowledge.

Book Fair in the eyes of Syrian and Arab writers

Scores of prominent Syrian and Arab writers took part in the 31st book fair recently concluded at al-Assad Library. They expressed admiration of the various artistic and cultural activities held during the event and highlighted its role in reviving the Arab culture and boosting its role in the life of Arab citizens.

Secretary of the Artists' Union actor Zoheir Ramadan said that the fair was very important to show the ability of the Syrian people to overcome the crisis and confront cultural invasion.

Writer Falak Husariya said that what distinguished the fair was the great interest accorded to children's literature as objective children's writings are considered immunity to children, especially in confrontation of the adverse impact of the internet on children's culture and personality. She highly evaluated the symposiums and activities held on children literature.