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Stéphane Sénéchal from Damascus Opera House: “You can’t walk 100 meter in Syria without observing civilization”

(ST)_ I have always been swollen with pride for belonging to Syria, such a rich place in the middle of a cradle of civilizations. However, when a well-known and descent name such as Stéphane Sénéchal, the French opera singer tells us from Damascus Opera House stage: “You should be proud of being a Syrian; the Syrian people are a very strong people who defy death everyday”.

Damascus Opera House hosted an opera concert held by the international tenor, Stéphane Sénéchal, an ardent traveler, passionate about geography, ecology, international relations and geostrategy; who has a multidisciplinary degree in  Geopolitics, Art History and Italian Literature, and is as well a Reiki master and Red Cross volunteer France-USA.

A Cultural Story in Damascus

Performances  of the Syrian heritage at the Tishreen Park Theater within the Festival (Under Damascus Sky)

 Damascus, ST- Al-Mohra Group for Dance Theater  presented yesterday evening  many performances  of  the Syrian heritage at the official opening ceremony of the festival entitled  “Under Damascus Sky for Folk Arts and Open Air Shows”, at Tishreen Garden Theater. The activities of this festival will run until next Saturday.

Presentations of Syrian and Cuban folklore in Damascus on the occasion of the Culture Day in Cuba

Damascus, ST- In celebration of the Culture Day in Cuba and the 54th anniversary of the establishment of Syrian-Cuban relations, the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Damascus, in cooperation with the Ministries of Culture of the two countries, held an artistic cultural evening including musical and dance performances from both countries at the Opera House Theater in Damascus. The event is entitled "Cuba and Syria is also united by culture".

Who of us doesn't dream of a few hours in an old typical Damascene house, gazing at the spacious courtyards with a cup of coffee under the shade of a citron or a jasmine tree? Part (2)

Residents of Bab Touma complain of the noise and the large numbers of strangers strolling all the day in the streets which were safe and calm havens for them in the past. But what does this mean? Close restaurants?. They say no. The solution is in the tourists because openness to the world is the means of success. Mr. Yousef Ma'arrawi realized the importance of intimacy, friendliness and warm reception. So he chose the right name for his restaurant "Haretna", it means our dear quarter, a place which acquired a good reputation in just four years of time. Mr. Ma'arrawi told the story of restoring "Haretna" saying that it was completely abandoned and subject to decay. "You can't imagine my feelings when I saw walls, ceilings and rooms being cleaned and restored.

Syrian young artists show wonderful works on nature and women

The Arab cultural center in Kafr Sousah is currently holding a collective exhibition for young talents.

Most of the participants in the one-week activity are youth who have graduated from" Adham Ismail" Center for Fine Arts". They are exhibiting nearly sixty paintings in various forms of colors, depicting  different themes related to  Syrian natural scenes and daily life of people.

The young artist Seham Mhesin, who is an engineer, shows 3 bright colored panels using pastel and oil colors with main theme women. She said to the Syriatimes e-newspaper: " I draw "educated woman "as she is the core of life. She always seeks to achieve knowledge and science. She is a symbol of serenity and meditation."