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"We Will Be Back", a theatrical performance presented at al-Hamra'a stage

"We Will Be Back" is a dancing theatrical performance recently performed at al-Hamra'a theatre in Damascus by the Syrian al- Mohra ( The mare) band.

The thematic content of the performance was inspired by the rich heritage of Syria and the Arab states. The poems were written by Ehab Muradni and composed by Mohammad al-Habbash.

The cast of "The Guard of Jerusalem" series holds a press conference

The General Establishment of Radio and TV Production held a press conference at the drama hall in al-Assad House for Culture and Arts on the occasion of ending the filming the TV series and a film titled "The Guard of Jerusalem" by scenarist Hassan Yousef and director Bassel a-Khatib.

Yousef said that archbishop Cappucci was distinguished for his wisdom and foresight, noting that 41 years ago, Cappucci said that civil war in Lebanon aimed to weaken Syria.

Actor Rasheed Assaf said that embodying this character is very important for him, because it offers thanks and gratitude to a great national and spiritual personality. He added that the series clarifies that the road for the Arab people is clear and the compass is Palestine.

Greeting to artist Nazir Nasrallah

In appreciation of the crucial role he played throughout his eventful career and his great contribution to the development of the Syrian artistic movement, the Candles of Peace Society held an art exhibition in memory of the late Syrian artist Nazir Nasrallah.

Hosted by the Arab Cultural Centre in Abu Romaneh, the exhibition showcases scores of paintings drawn by Nasrallah in different stages of his career.

Head of the Candles of Peace Society Lina Rezk said that the event is held in appreciation of Nasrallah and his great innovative experience, pointing out that scores of outstanding Syrian artists were taught by Nasrallah.

Poetry evening held at Homs Literary Saloon

Homs (ST):  A poetry evening was held at Homs Literary Saloon in the new cultural Centre in the city with the participation of a number of outstanding Syrian poets.

Director of the Saloon poet Mohammad Abdullah inaugurated the event with a national poem in which he symbolically expressed his love to his homeland and the city of Damascus highlighting the city's eventful history and genuine civilization.

In her elegant Sufi style, poetess Ghada al-Yousef read a sentimental poem in which she tackled the issue of love which unifies lovers in the universe.

Syrian artist Vivian al-Sayegh’s paintings tell a "Story of a Homeland"

Damascus, (ST) - Syrian fine artist Vivian Al- Sayegh‘s painting exhibition currently held at the Mishwar art gallery in Damascus depicts the impacts and repercussions of the terrorist war on Syria.

The exhibition, entitled “A Story of a Homeland”, displays a number of acrylic and oil paintings documenting the suffering of the Syrian people from terrorist war on their country.

In a statement to SANA, the artist said that she wanted to show the repercussions of wars on human beings in general and on childhood and motherhood in particular. However, she used bright colors to call for optimism and hope.