New styles of painting and variety of subjects in the exhibition of the artist Ahmed Rahal

Homs,( ST)  - More than 31 paintings were included in the exhibition held by plastic artist Ahmed Rahal on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation war of October and the victory over terrorism in the hall of the Union of Fine Artists in Homs today.

The subjects ranged between "migration and suffering, victory, humanitarian cases, martyrs, massacres of the Israeli occupation entity in Lebanon, nature, Syria's hawks in the war on terror." He used in his paintings coal as well as water and oil colures.

In a statement to SANA during the exhibition, Al Rahal pointed out that he is keen to show his artistic productions annually, but what distinguishes this year is the use of new methods of painting, where there is integration of acrylic with oil colors within the paintings designed on three color layers to appear unique and distinct.

The artist leaves a space for the imagination to those who see his paintings as he says where the ambiguity covers his works.

Abdel Fattah al-Abed an artist himself says that the exhibition was successful in the selection of topics and move away from stereotypes and standardization of styles and colors,
while plastic artist Jamal Ismail commented that this exhibition shows proficiency in the transition between colors and topics.

Raghda Sawas