The Clown” performance on Abdel Hamid al-Zahrawi Theatre in Homs

(ST)- The theatrical show “The Clown” was presented by Ghalia Farhat Youth Unit on Abdel Hamid al-Zahrawi Theater in Homs. The play's text was written by the late writer Mohammed Al-Maghout about 50 years ago. The show is prepared and directed by Fakher Abo Zuhair.

In a statement to SANA, Abo Zuhair explained that the idea of the play is so simple.It is about the character of the historical leader Abdul Rahman Al-Dakhil, known as “Saqr Quraish”, who established a strong Arab state in Andalusia that lasted about four centuries.

Abo Zuhair said that through the three chapters of the play “The Clown”, al-Maghout tried to highlight the most important issue that may concern the Arab younger generation, namely the importance of the restoration of the occupied Arab lands, especially Palestine.

In turn, the head of the Arts Office of Youth Branch in Homs, Mayar al-Baroudi, pointed out the necessity of encouraging and developing youth artistic talents and providing them with the appropriate opportunities.

Adel Shehadeh, Ghania al-Abrash, Firas Kabaqibo, Hadi al- Maree, Rimon Tohme, Hossam Barakat, Mohamed Moalla and Abdel Rahman Omeish participated in the show.