"Wadi Al-Saqi” village a World of Beauty in Tartous

Beautiful scenes of nature , fresh air, hospitable people and a quiet life come to our mind when we think of that village. There is something divine and mysterious in that picturesque village .

“Wadi Al-Saqi is a beautiful village, which is located  between two mountains along a small river called Taanita , west of the city of Al-Qadmous in Tartous Governorate.

The site  of "Wadi Al-Saqi" on the line separating the sea and the mountain  and its richness in underground water, springs and rivers, has given  the village its name.When visiting this village one feels as if one  is in  paradise .  It provides   irrigation water for agricultural lands and neighboring villages.

  Head of the village municipality Saer Ibrahim  told  SANA  that the village  is 11 km away from Al-Qadmous city  and has a population of 2000 people and it is 450 meters above sea level.

“ Wadi al-Saqi” village is characterized , according to Ibrahim, by  its possession of a unique   oak tree, which is considered the largest of its kind in the region  with a circumference of 8 meters and a height of more than 25 meters, and its branches cover an area of 2500 meters.


The village also features a group of elevated rocky cliffs that constitute real walls and  protection  from the very cold eastern and northeasterly winds that cause frost waves.

The residents of the village depend on the cultivation of lands with various kinds of fruit and vegetables during the four seasons  . Tobacco cultivation is the main trade  crop along with olive trees, pomegranate, citrus and apples.

Rawaa Ghanam