"Damascene Miniatures" exhibition inspired by local Syrian heritage

The Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummana is holding an exhibition entitled “Damascene miniatures" for the artist Reem Qibtan.

The exhibition displays 44 various paintings depicting a calligraphy and oriental heritage. Artworks are miniatures divided into two parts; calligraphy consists of poems about Damascus, and still nature art.

The artist used watercolor and oil painting technology in her various paintings that are ranged from medium to large sizes.

"I like strong and bright colors that draw the audience attention’s. I focus on blue because it has a strong relationship with environment and civilization, it is as well the color of the sky" explained Ms. Qibtan..

Reem told Syria times: “My works are inspired from Damascene environment such as Arabic houses and other things that reflect the Syrian local heritage"

Reem Qibtan returned to the nostalgic memory through her drawings of the Damascene house and the treasures inside it, beside Arabic calligraphy from Nizar Qabani poetry. “I like to draw calligraphy because his kind of art is very precise". She added.

"The aim of holding such exhibition is to reflect our country's heritage. It is a manifestation of our local civilization" Reem said

The exhibition is characterized by harmony between colors of letter and decorations and background color.



Interviewed by: Nada Haj Khidr