Ivonne Daboul: I like to draw the details of faces, especially tired ones

HOMS, (ST) - Artist Ivonne Ibrahim Daboul loved drawing at an early age and this is what made her seek with great passion and love to develop and refine her talent until she managed with her creativity and beautiful paintings, to create a distinguished place for her in the space of plastic art.

Al-Orouba-based newspaper quoted Daboul as saying : "The encouragement that I received from my father and my teachers in school motivated me to challenge myself, refine and develop my talent by entering into this world seriously to choose the most difficult topics .I stopped painting for a while because of my university studies, but soon I returned again with great love and passion for the art world for I found I could  vent  my soul that way ".

"I wanted to be more experienced, so I was interested in pursuing artworks and creations of important plastic artists, as I was following a lot of educational pages on the Internet and YouTube, and so with practice, art has become part of my life," she added.

Portraits are the most common subjects that attract Ivonne, as well as landscapes, noting that most topics that she loves are drawing details of tired faces, especially the elderly, perhaps because they show the suffering of the whole life and every face is a novel and a story for her, as she said

The artist participated in the amateur exhibitions held by the Union of Fine Artists in Homs and these participations, as she emphasized, enriched her artistic experience and gave her an opportunity to get acquainted with talented artists and benefit from their experiences in this field,stressing that  collective participation generates a sense of competition and the pursuit of discovering new techniques and mechanism of work as it enriches the artist's knowledge and increases his practical and creative skills, as well as participating in exhibitions is part of the artist’s life to open up to the world and work with other artists with different experiences.

"I have a lot to learn and try, I have a very big ambition and I hope to reach professionalism and have my own studio." She concluded.

Amal Farhat