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Aleppo Celebrates World Music Day

The Theater and Music Directorate in cooperation with Aleppo branch of Artists’ Syndicate held on Sunday a festivity marking World Music Day that included eastern and western musical compositions.

“The festivity is a message from Aleppo, the city of peace and amity, to the world saying that the city has recovered from terrorism and resumed its cultural and civilizational activity and vivacity, particularly as Aleppo has produced many prominent musicians who left an important imprint in the history of Arab music memory, according to Jaber al-Sajour, Director of the National Theater in Aleppo.

 On his part, Abdul Mun’em Hariri, Head of Nagham Musical Band said that Aleppo always celebrates Music Day. “Today’s celebration carries a new message as it brings together young musicians and prominent Syrian musical figures to affirm that Aleppo will continue to produce art,” he added.

Roud Abu Abed, a participant in the festivity, expressed her pleasure for having the opportunity to meet senior musicians, stressing that “Music is life”.

Fouad Maher, an artist, said that the festivity contributes to supporting the musical character of Aleppo because “music is a civilization element of which we are proud”.

Director of the festivity Ghassan Dahabi said that Music Day was launched in Paris in 1982 and all countries of the world celebrate it on the same day.

Aleppo is the capital of art, singing and originality and it should host such a musical activity to renew the march of great musicians who provided the finest examples of traditional singing like Qudud Halabiya and Muwashshah.

From the audience, Nadeem Shehabi said that music is a universal human language that treats the spiritual side of mankind and touches man’s conscience and soul.

Hamda Mustafa