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The Spirit of Syria Sports team organizes the "Aleppo trail" event with the participation of 350 youth

In order to see the ancient and historical monuments of Aleppo, the Spirit of Syria Sports Team organized an event entitled “The Aleppo Trail” with the participation of 350 young men and women representing the Syrian governorates.

Adnan Dabbagh, the team supervisor in Aleppo, stated that this activity aims to introduce participants from all governorates to the Aleppo heritage, archaeological khans, ancient doors and markets such as Soukatia Market, Aleppo Citadel and the Throne Hall in it.

Ali Aji valued the role of these activities in restoring his ancient memories of the city of Aleppo, as he had not visited this city since 2010 and today he was able to visit it and tour its ancient lanes, alleys,  archaeological markets and mosques.

Captain Ali Asber of the Spirit of Syria sports team from Lattakia explained the importance of carrying out such activities, especially after the liberation of Aleppo from terrorism, with the aim of informing and introducing young people to the history of their country, particularly the city of Aleppo, which is distinguished by its civilization, churches and archaeological mosques.

 Muhammad Abdel Mawla from Homs governorate, expressed his happiness at visiting the city's landmarks and historical castle.

Amal Frahat