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Homs newspaper is re-launched online to address Syrians and expatriates

Following years of hiatus due to the terrorist war against Syria, Homs newspaper has been re-issued online, so as to be the mouthpiece of the city and a means to communicate with the Syrian communities abroad.

The newspaper, which is issued by the Archdiocese of Homs for the Greek Orthodox, was distinguished as being one of the city's incubators of culture and intellect, as it published through its pages the output of  most of the city's writers in addition to its basic role in connecting the Syrians with their sons  abroad, as well as its dating  for the events of the province in general, so that its archive today has  become a reference for intellectuals, historians and scholars.

Today, the newspaper has a website that deals with all forms of social, humanitarian, service, scientific and cultural events in the city and  conveys the news of the Syrian community's wherever it is.

Editor-in-Chief, Murhaf Shahla, pointed out that the newspaper's building,  which was founded in 1909 in the Old city of Homs, and the printing office contents and supplies were vandalized and destroyed by terrorists, stressing that the newspaper’s staff managed  to save the newspaper’s archive and they are currently working  to document it electronically.

It is noteworthy that those who are  in charge of the website communicate with a number of writers and researchers in Syria and abroad with a view of enriching the newspaper with their products.

Amal Farhat